Friday, January 9, 2009

Don Herr and Family Visit the Greenhouse

Dear Daylily Friends,

It is always delightful when someone comes to see the Greenhouse. I was fortunate on Thursday that Don Herr, his wife Trish, and their daughter Beth, came to visit. Don and Trish are from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and their garden is known as "Don Herr Daylilies." Don and Trish were recently honored when their introduction, HER BEST BLOOMERS, won the Annie T. Giles award for the best small flower.

Beth lives locally in Smyrna, Georgia, and so Don and Trish came to visit Beth, and took the occasion to visit our garden. Don has a greenhouse in Lancaster but he says it will be a while before blooms appear.

Here in my greenhouse the plants are growing so large and they are so green. It seems that everyday that I go to the greenhouse the plants are bigger than they were the day before. The weather has been so mild and the plants seem to know that spring is nearby.

I look forward to more visits from other daylily friends as we move toward bloom season.


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