Friday, July 18, 2014

Prickly All Over

Hello Daylily Friends,

Got up this morning and started to walk through the garden, when suddenly, I saw a glorious bloom on Genni Kleckner's, PRICKLY ALL OVER.  I wrote about Genni's double after I saw it blooming in Paul Owens' garden at the AHS National Convention in Asheville.  Although my plant is small, having only 3 buds, the first bloom is nevertheless, so lovely.  There are now several doubles on the market that have teeth, but I understand that Genni's plant is dormant, that it is pod fertile, and that it has height.  I'm going to enjoy working with PRICKLY ALL OVER for the next several seasons.  In fact, I'm already working with it.  Indeed, I pollenated Genni's double with pollen from my own Seedling 2-455.  Wouldn't it be nice to see a wonderful orange double with bright green teeth?

Another bloom that I saw just yesterday was on CHEROKEE GOLD.  I've made a number of posts about this new, large double, (See July 22, 2013 and Sept. 18, 2013), and I want to show yesterday's picture, and give an update about measurements.  Here are the outside measurements:  26" tall, 4-way branching, 18 buds and a 9" flower.  You may recall that in the Greenhouse the following were the measurements:  33" tall, 6-7 way branching, 26 buds and a 10" flower.  Of course, the plant has only gone through one winter outside, and after a second winter it may have even more significant outside measurements.  I would just add that it is a difficult pod parent, but I was able to make two F-2 pods.  Can't wait to see the F-2 blooms next spring.

While I'm talking about doubles, I have a report that I know will please my good friend, John Wagner, in Kingsport, Tennessee.  Several years ago John sent BIG KISS to me to have it converted.  At first I was sure that I had it converted, but then it seems I "lost" the conversion.  Then, about three weeks ago, I noticed a "difference" in some of the flowers on BIG KISS.  I began to frequently check the pollen, and I can now confirm that I've "found" the conversion,  The plant is tall, the pollen is large, and next year I will find out whether the pollen will set seed.

I've also started to clean out the Greenhouse.  This is a lot of work.  It seems like the task will never end, but for a serious hybridizer, it is an important work.  I've got to take plants from the Greenhouse and plant them outside, and soon I will be growing new seedlings in the Greenhouse.  To start the new seeds I must have good potting soil.  Fortunately, I found a new company that has sold me a great product.  In fact, I had a massive load of soil delivered to the garden just this past week.  I have to show a video of the soil delivery.

When Little Lily Rae was with us over the fourth of July holiday, it was so much fun to walk together with her in the morning through the garden.  Lily Rae loves the flowers, and I often let her pick the ones that she particularly likes.  Some of the flowers are so big, and I think that she picks certain flowers because of their color.  Anyway, she picked two flowers and Diana snapped her picture as she was enjoying what she had.  She is such a little angel.  We even took Ms. Lily Rae to the OK CafĂ© where she enjoyed the Chicken and the vegetables.  She enjoyed seeing all of the pictures on the walls, and she particularly liked visiting with the waitresses.  She conducts herself with such maturity, and she talks like she is ready to start school, but of course she is still only 2 years old. 



Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thoroughly Enjoyed Asheville!

Hello Daylily Friends,

Diana and I thoroughly enjoyed going to the AHS National Convention in Asheville, North Carolina.  We had a wonderful room very close to the front door of the hotel, and we were able to park in close proximity to the room.  We left home at around 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, and arrived for the meeting of the Bus Captains.  We gathered our supplies for garden visitation, and the adventure soon began.  In the past several years I've taken pictures of those on the bus, but this time I took a picture inside the bus.  Diana and I truly enjoyed the company of friends on Bus 10, and we laughed and talked and walked the gardens together.  We enjoyed the beauty of North Carolina, and just enjoyed the fact that we all chose to be where we were.  Indeed, we enjoyed all of the gardens that we visited, and when we reached BLUE RIDGE DAYLILIES we made several purchases.

I don't know exactly which daylilies Diana purchased at BLUE RIDGE, but I purchased a pink diploid, dormant seedling.  I particularly liked the width of the sepals, as well as the width of the flower, which was about 8 inches.  I didn't have a ruler to measure, but the flower was big, and this was the reason that I convinced Don Hensley to sell me the plant.  Don was very thoughtful and brought the plant to me at the hotel.  I've now planted Don's seedling outside, and I will grow it for a year, and then next summer I will split the plant and get it converted.  I'm posting a picture of myself with my friends Dave Mussar and Bob Selman.  I must also say that Bob and Don are growing their daylilies as well as I would think they can be grown.  Just massive daylilies, and even later in the afternoon the daylilies continued to be so gorgeous.  BLUE RIDGE DAYLILIES is the best!

I am also glad to report that our visit with Paul Owens, at his SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT NURSERY, was an outstanding treat. Paul welcomed us on our bus when we arrived, and later when we were about depart, Paul came back and gave each of us one of his new introductions.  Thanks Paul!  One flower in Paul's garden that caught my attention was Genni Kleckner's, PRICKLY ALL OVER.  It is a double with teeth, and it is just gorgeous.  In fact, it was offered at the Ashville Friday Night Auction for $100.00, but it sold for over $300.00.  PRICKLY ALL OVER is simply a new double tetraploid, with teeth, that is much wanted by doubles hybridizers, including myself.  Genni tells me that PRICKLY ALL OVER is pod fertile, and this certainly makes it to be all the more valuable.  Thanks Genni for this wonderful introduction.  You've done well!  And thanks again to Paul for inviting us to his garden.

 Diana and I also enjoyed our visits to the other four gardens, and I must say that I was impressed with the 1950 Chevrolet Truck that we saw at the LAUGHING CROW garden.  When I was much, much younger I owned a 1950 Chevrolet car, and to see a truck from the same year just brought back youthful memories.  We also enjoyed seeing several new introductions in Paul Cranford's Garden. These included BLACK FURY and WAVES OF JOY.

When we arrived back home we were thrilled to see so many red, ripe tomatoes on Diana's vines.  Diana picked her tomatoes, and I took a picture.  Several of the tomatoes weighed 1.5 pounds, and we are enjoying all that we can eat.  Every sandwich that has a big tomato is, indeed, a "better sandwich."   We were also glad to see our introduction, DIANA'S EVENING GOWN, blooming at its very best with height and branching, and with its massive 7" flower.  It is a dormant so it grows most anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line.  I must also say that next year I may enter this beauty as an entrant for "late blooming daylilies," but perhaps I will write more about this later. Yes, we thoroughly enjoyed the convention, but as a famous person once said, "there is no place like home."  It is good to be back in the garden working again.

I was also asked about conversions that I've made this year.  Well there have been several, but today I will focus on just one: TET. ASHEE DASHEE.  It is Diane Taylor's introduction from several years ago.  It should help introduce doubles into the spider line.  That is, "Spider Line Doubles."  A new form of identification?  I'm also showing pictures of the pollen as seen on my one hundred power magnification on my microscope.  I've said in the past that diploid pollen measures about a 6 to 9, and sometimes up to 10 or 11, but tetraploid pollen usually measures about 13 to 15, and sometimes even higher.  I'm pleased to say that it seems to me that I have a "full conversion" with TET. ASHEE DASHEE.

Tomorrow morning is the Fourth of July, and we can hardly wait.  We are going to the Parade that will be in downtown Marietta.  We are taking our daughter, Kelley Rae, and our gorgeous granddaughter, Little Lily Rae.  We're particularly looking forward to seeing Lily Rae's reaction to the fire trucks and horses and bands and politicians and beauty queens.  She has such a wonderful mind that we know she will enjoy it all.  I'll let you know what happens.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Our Daylily Show was a Great Success!

Hello Daylily Friends,

This past Saturday morning, our Cobb County Daylily Society and the Greater Atlanta Daylily Society, held a joint "Daylily Show" at the Galleria Mall.  324 Flowers were entered that were brought by 36 members of our two Clubs.  Although we are now near the end of our bloom season, there were so many first bloom daylilies that it seemed as though we were back at the first week of June.  This grand Daylily Show was covered by the Marietta Daily Journal, and we received the "full page spread" on the first page of the Lifestyle Section.  In addition, a horizontal picture of our show was spread across this morning's top, front page of the newspaper.  Just fantastic newspaper coverage of a great event.

I was particularly pleased that my Seedling 11-81 was chosen as the best seedling.  However, I also entered my Seedling 4-582 in the show.  This Seedling, 4-582, was from my third scape, and it was just the second bloom on that scape.  There were no discrepancies on the plant that I could identify, except perhaps that the scape was not straight up and down.  Knowing that I had it to bring to the show gave me considerable confidence that it would be selected as the preferred seedling.  I was really disappointed that 4-582 was not chosen, but since my 11-81 was selected, how can I be "unsettled"?  I expect to call 11-81, "DENTAL DELIGHT."  It has beautiful white teeth, along with some yellow teeth, and it is just dazzling.  When a Dentist looks at the teeth on 11-81, I would expect that he would "decline" to attempt any repair; Nothing is needed!  Thanks to the Judges who selected 11-81!

One of the events at our Daylily Show that makes the Show a success, is the Luncheon we share with our Judges.  They and their spouses are invited to have Lunch with us, and we are so fortunate to have them to talk with us about both their work and our Show.  I specifically want to thank Serena Verner for her work in preparing the menu for our Luncheon, which was just fabulous. We had Chicken Salad with a large Chicken Breast served over Lettuce.  There was also sweet Georgia iced tea along with apple pie for dessert.  Thanks Serena for all that you did to make our Luncheon a big success.

As our Daylily Show came to a close, our Cobb County President, Mark Franklin, spoke with Dennis and Sue Calbreath, telling them that he was totally satisfied with the work of Club Members in making the show to be a wonderful success.  We will not have another Daylily Show until the year 2016, because next year the AHS National Convention is coming to Atlanta.  We will give all of our effort toward making the National Convention be the best that it can be!

One flower that I wanted to enter in the Daylily Show was my Seedling 3-374, which I have been calling, CHEROKEE GOLD.  I previously spoke about this seedling blooming in the Greenhouse (See 4-23-2013 and 7-22-2013), but over the past 10 to 12 days I have seen three "outside blooms."  Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to photograph the earlier outside blooms, but I did get a chance to photograph the one that we had today.  In fact, I took the picture at about 1:30 p.m., and the flower was just gorgeous, just bursting with glory in the afternoon sun.  Hopefully I'll know more about CHEROKEE GOLD before the summer ends.

A daylily that has bloomed frequently here, that I photographed several days ago, is my Seedling 11-89.  It is just spectacular.  Although I'm pleased with my work in creating this beauty, I have to give considerable credit to my friend, Karol Emmerich, who introduced two of the parents of 11-89.  Without any delay, here is a picture.  There is a nice blue eye, and a lovely, deep purple color, and a good assortment of white teeth.  I'm just going to have to use 11-89 as a parent with my seedlings.

A political adventure that Diana and I shared this past week was to go and visit with Senator Jason Carter who is running to be the next Governor of Georgia.  Sen. Carter is the grandson of President Carter, and he is a lawyer with a law firm in Atlanta.  His wife is a public school teacher, and he has two young sons.  Diana and I were most impressed with Sen. Carter, and we had our picture made with him.

I've had one very tall red to bloom, Seedling 4-584, and I think that it is dormant.  It is a cross between Paul Lewis' A. D. LEWIS, and Larry Grace's THE BLESSING OF FREEDOM.  It is 42" tall and is a delightful red.  Although the branching is not as pronounced as I would like, I nevertheless think that the plant will be a good parent.  I know already that it is fertile.  Another of my new daylilies is Seedling 4-585 which is a lovely pink with a strong, strong scape.  I often see multiple blooms, and I've used it to make seeds.  I just like the soft color.  I might name this gorgeous flower for Little Lily Rae.

Speaking of Lily Rae, she and I, and her Mother, Kelley Rae, had a wonderful week at Vacation Bible School (VBS).  We got up and headed to School, and visited with friends and teachers, and we learned and we sang and we just had fun.  Then, this past Sunday, Little Lily Rae went to Church with Grandma and Grandpa.  Lily Rae likes Sunday School.  They play games and have cookies, and just enjoy being at Church.  I'm showing a picture from Sunday.

On Thursday morning Diana and I will go to Ashville, North Carolina to be at our National Convention.  We're looking forward to seeing friends and seeing gardens.  We really enjoy Ashville, and we're ready to go!

More news soon from Ashville.


Monday, June 16, 2014

Seedling 4-582.

Hello Daylily Friends,

I've been so fortunate this summer to have seen so many new blooms on daylilies that will eventually be introductions.  I've had plenty of blooms that "have teeth," but to see one bloom that is just far above what we normally see, is just more than can be imagined.  Seedling 4-582 meets and exceeds this description.  I walked into the garden this past Thursday morning, and saw the first bloom on 4-582.  I was so excited that I immediately went to get my tripod so that I could take a picture.  The flower is so special because the red color is a nice shade of red, and the teeth are so pronounced, especially on the sepals.  The measurements are all "outside" measurements, and are likely permanent measurements.  Then, this past weekend, Diana and I went to the Region 5 Spring Regional meeting, and when we came back home this past Sunday morning, there was a second bloom on 4-582.  Wow!  What a bloom!  I just had to tell the story of this new seedling for everyone to see and read.  You might note the difference in the red color between the two pictures.  This is because one picture was taken early in the morning, while the second picture was taken at a later time on Sunday morning.  And again, look at all those "white teeth." 

Well I mentioned that Diana and I went to the Region 5 Regional meeting, and we went to four gardens.  All four were outstanding gardens, and we thoroughly enjoyed every garden, but I want to focus on two of the gardens because these two will be featured when the AHS National Convention comes to Atlanta in 2015.  The first garden that we visited was the Shady Rest Garden that is owned by David and Doris Bishop.  The Bishops own a house on their multiple acres, but during the summer they live in a small cabin in the middle of their daylily garden.  The cabin is like a distant summer home, but its really where they live.  David and Doris have also incredibly improved their property. They have built walls, they have built walkways, they have a new well, plenty of water features, multiple miniature gardens, and a variety of many, many additional plants.  I particularly like the "picket fences" that I suppose they purchased at The Home Depot and improved by adding additional posts.  They then painted the fences white, and thereby really spruced up the garden even further.  It is going be a spectacular place to be seen during the Convention in 2015.

A second garden that we saw is owned by Morgan and Deb Akin.  It is on the Etowah  River.  What a scene!  I walked down to the River to take a picture.  The river is rolling along, the blue sky and the white clouds are above the river, and are even reflected by the water in the river.  The trees are so green, and the place is just heavenly. 

But I was also impressed by the Akin "barn."  Now in my barn I keep two John Deere tractors.  This is where I also keep my shovels and rakes and my fertilizer.  Plus, I keep a refrigerator for storing pollen, and cold drinks to quench my thirst when I'm working.  Well I went into the Akin "barn," but the floors were beautiful wood.  There were wooden walls, and wooden beams in the ceiling.  There was air conditioning, a bedroom, a main room, a deck, and a grand view of the river.  I later saw Morgan, and I asked him about the difference between his barn and my barn.  Morgan just smiled.  I must also add that Deb is the main gardener, and she has done wonders with her daylilies.  She is even hybridizing, and she is so pleased with her new seedlings.  I could tell you much more, but I want you to know about this special place before new summer.

Speaking of next summer's convention in Atlanta, if you want to go I would encourage you to register early.  There will only be 650 members who will be received as guests.  This is because the buses and the gardens cannot accommodate any greater number of guests.

There is one other flower that I would like to show that was blooming on Sunday when we returned home.  It is Seedling 3-350.  In fact, it has been blooming for several weeks, but the picture that I'm showing was taken this Sunday.  Although it is 20" tall, the flowers are well above the wonderfully arching foliage, and the show provided by 3-350 is just divine.  Lots of white teeth, wonderful color, plenty of buds with great branching.  This daylily will enhance gardens where it eventually grows.

More news soon.


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thanks Karol

Hello Daylily Friends,

Last summer Diana and I went to Minneapolis for the AHS National Convention.  It was a wonderful convention.  As a part of the trip we were given two plants that were hybridized by Karol Emmerich.  One is named MINNESOTA NICE, and the second is named FAITH THAT MOVES MOUNTAINS.  Both plants bloomed today, and I just had to call Karol, and tell her how absolutely delighted and thrilled that Diana and I are with both plants.  Remember that we received both plants "bare root," and we just planted them in our main garden.  MINNESOTA NICE is just a  whopper of a plant: a tall scape, outstanding branching, fast growth, and a lovely flower.  I have been so satisfied with it that I am using it with a number of both my seedlings and introductions.  FAITH THAT MOVES MOUNTAINS is just the perfect dark color.  I'm going to use it to make my dark flowers bigger.  Both of these plants are going to be "deep" into my program.  I just truly admire and adore both plants.  Remember, both of these plants were put in the ground, bare root, less than a year ago.  Thanks Karol!

I also would like to let our readers know that I have finally made progress using Sandy Holmes' WALT LOWRY.  I really like my new seedling"s height and branching, and I'm sure that this seedling will qualify as a "spider."  I would note that I made quite a few daylilies using pollen from WALT LOWRY to pollenate Stamile's WILD AND FREE.  Again, I really like my new spider!  Now I'm trying to use it to set pods.

Circular patterns on seedlings have also caught my attention.  I particularly like yellow colors, with eyes that are marked by these patterns.  Several days ago I had a yellow flower to bloom, with a purple eye, and with the circular pattern.  Wow!  I am so pleased.  I'm showing a picture.  I would note that none of the circular patterns that I've bloomed have any branching.  I'm not sure how to get this into the plant.  I hope that I receive insight from someone who has knowledge based on experience.

I'm also making progress using TET. PINK STRIPES.  In fact I crossed it with a seedling, and I'm showing a picture of the bloom.  I am just so pleased.  The stripes in TET. PINK STRIPES passed to the seedling, but the result is not quite as obvious as I would like, So, I've treated the seedling with another application of TET. PINK STRIPES.  I'll see the result next year.  There is just no limit on the results that can be achieved in hybridizing daylilies.

I've got to get back out into the garden. The rain has stopped.  Again, thanks Karol for the wonderful gift plants!


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Little Lily Rae and Randy, Jr.

Hello Daylily Friends,

So much has happened during the past two weeks, and I must post an update.  I often have something unusual and bizarre to happen in the Greenhouse whenever all the systems begin to operate as summer approaches.  This time it was one of my large fans.  Specifically, the fan just above my small refrigerator stopped working.  Fortunately, my friend, Tommy Bell, who lives just down the street, came to "restore order," but it took a full days work.  By sundown, all was working well again.  Thanks Tommy for your help, and your "electrical insight."

I have been so pleased with many of the new blooms in the Greenhouse, and I've posted a few pictures, and now I have another that I want to show.  It is Seedling 4-538.  It is a cross between a Guy Pierce seedling, and my own, 11-81.  I really like the clean color, and it seemed to me that the edges on the petals and sepals were "orange" teeth, but my beautiful wife tells me that the color is yellow.  So, I now think the color is orange "waffling" to yellow.  It is fertile, and I'm using it trying to produce more daylilies with "orange/yellow teeth."

I've also been watching the daylilies bloom in the outside garden, and today was the best day that I've seen.  One of my daylilies that bloomed today is Seedling 11-266.  Back in 2011 it initially bloomed, and I've always liked it because of its red color and its white teeth.  I tried to use it in the Greenhouse, but this is difficult since it is a dormant.  Also, I wasn't quite sure about the measurements, but today this all changed.  It bloomed as it was beginning to rain, and I took a picture.  I also took a picture of the row where I have only 11-266 planted.  I used the measuring tape to show the extent of the height and branching.  I will probably introduce 11-266, perhaps during 2015, when the National Convention arrives in Atlanta. 

Little Lily Rae has sure been having fun.  Like on Sunday, she met Randy, Jr., our famous box turtle.  She just followed Randy all over the yard, but I was watching her, and she knew not to touch Randy, except to perhaps touch the "back" of his shell.  Randy has a long neck, and he can administer a wicked bite.  Anyway, Lily Rae just laughed and laughed as she enjoyed Randy's company.

You may also remember that Diana and I went on a trip to South Africa back in January with Georgia's great gardener, Walter Reeves.  It was such a wonderful adventure, and we were privileged this past Tuesday that Walter and our friends from the trip all got together here at the house, and remembered our "once in a lifetime" travel.  We had breakfast together, and then walked the garden together.  Diana even picked a few of her tomatoes, and we think that Walter was "impressed" that we have tomatoes long before the first week in July.

Thanks for reading my blog!


Friday, May 16, 2014

Visiting with the "18th Annual Can-Am Classic."

Hello Daylily Friends,

Diana and I were privileged this past week-end to have attended the Can-Am Classic in Toronto, Canada.  Our friend, Dave Mussar, made the arrangements for our attendance, and we thank Dave for his tremendous and outstanding work done both for us and for the Classic.  Dave met us at the Airport and took us to the Delta Hotel where we stayed for the weekend.  We listened to many wonderful speakers, and had a wonderful lunch, and then during the evening we had another wonderful dinner.  Two great meals!  Later in the evening, after the second great meal, we met everyone in the "Hospitality Suite," and continued to talk about daylily happenings.  Oh, I should have mentioned the Daylily Auction that took place on Saturday afternoon.  I wanted a bird house that was built by Nick White, and notwithstanding the intervention of the famous David Kirchhoff, I won the bid.  I had no idea how I would transport it back to Georgia, but I had to have that bird house.  Then, fortunately, our friends, Anthony and Carol Haj, from Orchard Park, New York, offered to bring the bird house across the border using their car, and then bring it to us at the coming AHS National Convention in Ashville, North Carolina.  We are grateful for their offer.  Thanks Anthony and Carol.  Thanks also to Nick and Barbara White for the tremendous bird house.  I'm going to put it in our garden during the 2015 AHS Convention in Atlanta.

I want to tell everyone about the success I've recently had in producing a black daylily with white teeth.  I've had somewhat similar daylilies, but I've not kept them.  They are usually lacking in substance, and around 9:30 a.m., they usually just melt.  Well this particular daylily did not melt.  Instead it had good substance and lasted quite nicely until just after lunch.  I have decided that this daylily is a keeper.  In fact, I have put it into a 3-gallon pot, and I'm crossing it with another black daylily.  Much of the credit for this beauty goes to my good friend, Karol Emmerick, from Minnesota for her introduction, GNASHING OF TEETH.  Thanks Karol!

You may also recall my seedling from last year that I intend to name, CHEROKEE GOLD. [See Post on Sept. 18, 2013].  I made a number of seedlings by taking pollen from CHEROKEE GOLD and pollenating William Marchant's, VIVA GLAM GIRL.  The new seedlings have been blooming quite nicely, and I'm now officially into hybridizing doubles.  I thought that I would show two of these new seedlings to give an idea of what is blooming.  When I eventually get more pollen from TET, SUNGLASSES NEEDED, I will use the pollen to make the seedlings even bigger.

One new seedling that bloomed today is Dianna Gossard's CHEDDAR EXPLOSION,  Wow, what an introduction!  It is very tall with 5 way branching, and it is a dormant.  Just a beauty, and just what I need for crossing with CHEROKEE GOLD.  In fact, I was so impressed with CHEDDAR EXPLOSION that I called Dianna and Jamie to let them know how pleased I am with their new double daylily.

Well, I hear Little Lily Rae who has just awaken from her afternoon nap.  She is with us this week-end, and it is a joy talking to her.  She speaks with the vocabulary of a much older little girl.  She knows the names of many trees, including the Hemlock, the Pine, the dogwood, and the Japanese Maple.  She also knows the names of many of Diana's flowers including the Peony.  I'm showing a picture that we took with Lily Rae at Easter.