Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Visiting with the Wiregrass Daylily Society

Hello Daylily Friends,

On Friday, Jan. 13, 2017, Diana and I traveled to Donaldson, Georgia, to see my friend, retired Master Sergeant Kenneth Lane.  I had not seen Sgt. Lane since I was reassigned from Hurlburt Field, Florida, to RAF Mildenhall England.  Indeed, I had not seen Sgt. Lane in over 51 years.  A very very long time.  Sgt. Lane called me about a year ago to reconnect.  I was so glad to receive his call.  We talked and talked for a long time.  Ultimately, I decided to name one of my introductions for Sgt. Lane, and I talked about this in my post back on July 5, 2016.  When Diana and I arrived in Donaldson we met Sgt. Lane and his wife June, and we had Dinner with Sgt. Lane.  The conversation was just so, so much fun.  Of course I gave to Sgt. Lane the plant that I will register using his name which will be MASTER SERGEANT KENNETH LANE.  We ultimately had to leave and drive to Dothan, Alabama, where we were scheduled to speak on Saturday, Jan. 14, 2017.  We spent the night at the Hampton Inn which is a place we like to stay when we travel.

On Saturday morning Diana and I had breakfast with our friend, Larry Grace.  Talked and talked with Larry about our programs, and about his work in the Peanut business.  Larry is committed to his work in the Peanut industry, but Saturday morning was a time to relax and enjoy a wonderful "Over 55" Breakfast at  IHOP.      .

Around lunch time we went to meet with the Wiregrass Daylily Society in Dothan, Alabama.  When we arrived Diana and I were met by BJ Yance and Rita Moore.  We met members of the Club, and had a wonderful, wonderful lunch.  The Chicken and the "Cabbage Casserole" were my favorites.  In fact, after the meeting we gladly received the leftover Cabbage, and I had this for supper when we arrived back home Saturday evening.  I had wanted to take a picture of the entire Club, but I forgot to "charge" my camera.  Fortunately, however, Diana took this picture of several Club members using her Cell phone.  In the front row from left to right are Rita Moore, Bill Wente, Pat Wente, BJ Yance, Myself, and Phyllis Poole.  In the back row are Randy Fleming, Cindy Fleming, Clint Fussell, and Mark Sattelmeier.  Mark gave me one of his new introductions, DAD'S BLACK GOLD, and Jim Netherton also gave me his new introduction, AWESOME FIREFLY.  These are growing nicely in the Greenhouse.  Thanks to the Wiregrass Daylily Society for your wonderful invitation.  Wish we could have stayed longer because we truly enjoy being with our Daylily friends.

I want to go back in time to just before Christmas, 2016.  I had a pile of brush that I was unable to burn before May 1, the last day before summer when anyone can burn trash where we live.  Then, we went through the summer when we had a bad drought, and because of the drought we couldn't burn beginning on Sept. 1.  Everything was still much too dry.  Finally, we had plenty of rain late in the fall, and so, just before Christmas, the Fire Department gave everyone permission to burn.  I was so pleased.  I had a lot of trash, and I got the job accomplished.

Christmas approached and Diana put up a large stocking outside our side door.  We had hoped to take a picture with Lily Rae beside the large stocking, but she just was not agreeable.  So, we took a picture ourselves with the stocking hoping this might be an encouragement to Lily Rae.  She still said "No."  Later during the week-end Lily Rae wanted to open one of her presents.  Diana had shown Lily a picture that was taken of herself when she was a child in front of her family's Christmas tree in South Dakota.  So, Lily Rae agreed to Diana's suggestion.  She agreed to open one present early, and then have her picture taken in front of the Christmas tree.  The present she chose to open had a "Hershey" doll inside that we purchased at the Hershey's Chocolate Factory when we were at Lilyhemmer in Pennsylvania.  Lily Rae was so pleased with her Hershey doll.  Diana then got a wonderful picture of Lily Rae with the Hershey doll in front of the tree.  We had a wonderful 2016 Christmas, and we will always cherish this wonderful picture!

Then 2017 arrived and promptly brought us an ice and snow storm.  The storm came while we were sleeping on Friday night, and then Saturday morning we went outside to play.  Lily Rae had new boots and was well dressed to make an "Angel" in the snow and ice.  Just so wonderful.  We walked, we slid in a sled, and  it was just a great way to start 2017.  Speaking of riding on the sled, this was a fun thing that Lily Rae just enjoyed for over an hour.  She would ride with Grandma, and later she agreed to ride with Grandpa.  I also took a good picture of the garden.  Everything was white, and we stayed home all week-end, except that we got up and went to Church on Sunday morning.  By Sunday the ice was gone, and the roads were in good shape again.

Today is February 1, 2017.  The Greenhouse just looks fabulous.  All of the plants are placed in rows, and even the dormants that I've brought into Greenhouse have started to grow.  Also today, I'm beginning to turn up the heat.  I've set the temperature to 50 degrees.  In about 10 days I will increase the heat to about 60 degrees, and ultimately I may even set the temperature to 70 degrees.  I would like to see blooms in April and May so that I will be finished with making seeds before the outside bloom season begins in June.  I also have so many dormant conversions that I've brought into the Greenhouse.  I am going to use many conversions that I've made over the years that I haven't really tried in my hybridizing.  I will try to keep our friends up to date as events happen in the Greenhouse.

Also my sister, Brenda Lee, came to stay with us for a few weeks while she looked for a new house near Cartersville, Georgia.  She was named after the Country Music Singer, Brenda Lee, and she is an outstanding Cosmetologist.  Then my wonderful wife, Diana Rae, invited my sister, Karren for supper, and we all enjoyed a wonderful meal together.  Karren delivers mail for the U. S. Post Office.  Thanks Diana for the wonderful supper, and for bringing us all together.  Had a wonderful time.

More news soon.


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

2017 Introductions

Hello Daylily Friends,

Well I've finally decided on the daylilies that we will introduce in 2017, and each daylily is hereafter pictured and discussed:

AFRICAN DAWN.  (Windmaster x Walt Lowry). Seedling 3-432. Sev. UF. Tet. EM. 35” Tall, 4-way branching, 24 buds, 8.5” flower.  Purple petals and sepals with a cascade form. Has a green eye which becomes ivory that then blends back into the dominant purple color. There is a small ivory stripe in the middle of each petal.  The name AFRICAN DAWN was suggested by my friend, Karel Smit, from South Africa. Pod and pollen fertile. $100.00.

CINDERELLA BLUE. [Bluegrass Memories x ((Tet. Lavender Blue Baby x Tet. Crystal Blue Persuasion) x Blue Beat)]. Seedling 3-355. Sev. Tet. EM. 28” Tall, 4-way branching, 17 buds, 5.75” flower. Purple self with a light blue eye and a green throat.  Pod and pollen fertile.  $100.00.

RED HORNET. (Kennesaw Crossfire x Randy Stephens). Seedling 4-582. Sev. Tet. EM. 27” Tall, 3-way branching, 15 buds, 6” flower. Rose red self with a green throat. There are ivory colored teeth on both the petals and sepals.  Blooms best with late morning and afternoon shade. Pod and pollen fertile. $200.00.

HEAVENLY BANQUET. ((Lacy All Over x Tet. ESP) x Lacy All Over). Seedling 2-423. Sev. Tet. M. 35`” Tall, 4-way branching, 27 buds, 6” flower. Ivory color with a green throat and a heavily ruffled edge. The outside color of the ruffled edge is light yellow.  Pod and pollen fertile. $150.00.

CITRUS PUNCH. (Varsity Orange x Tet. Orange Velvet). Seedling 11-300. Dormant. Tet. M. 36`” Tall, 5-way branching, 28 buds, 5.75” flower. Lovely orange color with a very light green and orange throat. The petals and sepals are ruffled.  Pod and pollen fertile. $100.00.

DARK ECLIPSE. (Seedling x Seedling). Seedling 5-782. Sev. Tet. EM. 24” Tall, 3-way branching, 27 buds, 5.5” flower. The throat is green and there is a large eye that is deep burgundy in color. Also, there is a green and lighter burgundy ridge across each pedal. There is also a deep burgundy edge around each petal that is then surrounded by a lovely gold edge. The self color between the eye and the band on the pedals is a bright gold.  Pod and pollen fertile. $100.00.

KENNESAW RASPBERRY SORBET. [((Mort Morss x Lydia`s Regal Robe) x (Shirley Anne McCord x Gnashing of Teeth) x Tet. Rose F. Kennedy]. Seedling 3-351. Sev. Tet. E. 26” Tall, 3-way branching, 15 buds, 6.5” flower. Deep raspberry self with deep green throat. There is a light raspberry eye that then blends with the deeper raspberry self. Lovely ruffled edges on the petals and sepals.  Pod and pollen fertile. $100.00.

PEACH BOUQUET. (Buzz Saw Boogie x Tet. Sunglasses Needed). Seedling 3-397. Double. Sev. Tet. E. 24” Tall, 3-way branching, 17 buds, 7” flower. Beautiful peach color with a peach throat and rulled edges. The edges are shaped like the teeth of a small saw. Lovely double form 95% of the time of bloom.  Pod and pollen fertile. $150.00.

ROLLING CIRCLES. ((Eternal Treasure x Gnashing of Teeth) x (Eternal Treasure x Gnashing of Teeth)). Seedling 3-463. Sev. Tet. E. 30” Tall, 4-way branching, 17 buds, 5” flower. This beautiful flower begins with a light green throat that becomes yellow. Then the yellow becomes a light brown, and then the self color of lavender appears. The petals are gently ruffled with a delightful yellow edge. Pod and pollen fertile. $100.00.

Hope that you like these selections.


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Visiting "The Hoosier Daylily Society"

Hello Daylily Friends,

This past Friday I was very privileged to visit The Hoosier Daylily  Society in Indianapolis, Indiana,  I had previously been to Indiana during the summer of 2015 when I came to serve as a "Bus Captain."  My friend, Mike Holmes asked me if I would come and be a Bus Captain, and I asked if anyone there was growing my LYDIA'S REGAL ROBE.  Mike said he didn't think so, but unknown to me, he purchased my daylily from someone outside Region 2.  He then had the daylily planted in a pot, and as our Bus traveled from Garden to Garden, the pot was moved ahead of us by car to the garden we were about to visit.  I wasn't told about any of this until Dr. Wally Zollman, a renowned Plastic Surgeon, confessed that the pot had fallen over in his wife's Lexus, and the dirt covered the floor of her new car.  I was sad about Mrs. Zimmerman's car, but I was so impressed with what the Club did with my flower.

I would note that this past fall LYDIA won the Award of Merit from the AHS, and that it is now a candidate for the Stout Medal.  I would also add that when I was in Indiana this past Friday, Dr. Wally took me to breakfast at the Waffle House, and then took me to the Airport.  Thanks Dr. Wally.  Thanks also to Chris Wilhoite, the Club's President, who picked me up at the Hotel, and transported me to the meeting, and later back to the Hotel.  Thanks also to Brent Clement, our AHS Attorney, and thanks to all the Hoosier Club members for making me so, so welcome. The evening meal was just fabulous including the "Corn Casserole."

I was much later this year than I've ever been in getting my new seedlings moved from inside the Greenhouse to the outside garden. The labor was difficult clearing the beds, getting them tilled. and then getting the beds ready for the new seedlings.  I'm about three (3) weeks from the first frost, and I'm watering the beds every other day so that they will survive this coming winter.  Many of the seedlings will be dormant so they should survive.   

I was particularly pleased this past week-end to learn that two of my introductions won the AHS Honorable Mention Award.  This is the initial Award that puts the flower into ultimate contention for the Award of Merit.   The two flowers to win the Award were BLAZING CANNONS and DIANA'S IRISH DREAM.  I am pleased that BLAZING CANNONS previously won the AHS President's Award, and I'm likewise pleased that it received 61 votes and came in 4th place in the overall Honorable Mention voting.  DIANA'S IRISH DREAM was a big surprise.  It received 22 votes, and now I will have to grow more of it to get it distributed to more members.  Thanks to our Judges for this recognition of our flowers.

I must also report that on Tuesday morning we sent a large order of daylilies to our friend Karel Smit in South Africa.  The order that we sent to Karel last year, 2015, was held in the South Africa Custom's office for 30 days, but all but one of the daylilies survived.  This year I made sure that I sent to Karel the very strongest daylilies we have that he ordered.  I am hoping and praying that South Africa sends the daylilies to Karel much more promptly.  I am so pleased that our daylilies will be seen by others in another continent far across the Atlantic ocean.  So very exciting! 

This past week-end we were privileged to have Lily Rae with us.  As you may remember she had her 5th birthday in September, and she is a happy and beautiful child.  So inquisitive and she learns so fast.  We did not have her on Halloween which was on Monday, but on Saturday we took her to the Marietta Square to celebrate this holiday.  She gathered lots of candy, she enjoyed the store known as "Eddie's Trick Shop," and she particularly enjoyed seeing a tiny dog on the square that was made to look like a "hot dog."  I took Lily Rae's picture as she looked at a display of a witch.

This coming week-end we are going on our Sunday School Class Retreat to Lake Junaluska in North Carolina.  We will be studying a book about Revival written by Adam Hamilton.  The book will focus on John Wesley, and we will have over 70 Class members on the Retreat.

More News soon.


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Visiting in Mississippi and Pennsylvania

Hello Daylily Friends,

Diana and I have been so fortunate to travel and see "Daylily Friends" in such different regions of our great Country.  On Sunday morning, Oct. 16, 2016, we drove to Mississippi to visit with the Hattiesburg Area Daylily Society.  We arrived about 45 minutes early and so we looked around the area, and indeed it is a beautiful place.  It felt like August in north Georgia.  The sun was warm and the temperature was in the mid and high 80s.  At the meeting we happily greeted Barbara and Earl Watts, two of the best members of our incredible National Daylily Society.  We also met Gary Campbell, the Hattiesburg President, and then just saw more and more friends.  Later in the day, after the Club meeting was concluded, I took a Club Picture.  Then, the Club took Diana and myself to a Seafood Restaurant.  The meal was so, so good. Thanks to Earl, we stayed overnight at a brand new Hampton Inn Hotel.  Got a good night's sleep and the next morning we returned home.  Thanks to Barbara and Earl and to the Hattiesburg Club Members for a wonderful time!

On Thursday, Oct. 20, 2016, Diana and I flew Delta Airlines to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  We went a day early because my Lovely Wife made arrangements for me to see the Battlefield at Gettysburg.  Of course, I had never been to Gettysburg, but what I saw just made me both jubilant and also so sad.  I love the USA, having served 9 years in our military, and I'm glad that the Civil War was 150 years ago.  However, seeing two particular parts of the Gettysburg Battlefield was painful.

The first part of the Battlefield that I wanted to see was Little Roundtop.  For a while we handled ourselves well at Little Roundtop, and we were fortunate that the Union troops ran out of bullets.  But even though they had no more bullets, we ran away when they charged at us with just bayonets.  I mean we marched across the Applachian Mountains to get there, we are basically successful in our efforts, but then at the last minute we run, and so we lost this important encounter.  Then, looking at the area our forces held, and understanding what happened at Pickett's Charge, just made me so regretful.  Our men, my relatives included, dying in the open field and being shot by Union forces across a battlefield that was so large.  I just can't believe that General Lee thought that we could have done such a stupid thing.  It was bad, but then the whole war was bad.  I understand that 50,000 men were killed, wounded or captured at Gettysburg.

We did see the location of General Lee's headquarters, and I took a picture of General Lee looking over the Battlefield.  In my thinking, General Lee must have thought that our Cannons had done serious damage to the Union lines, but I understand that our artillery fire just sailed over their heads and no harm was done.  So, then, as our men moved across that wide, wide open field we were just easy targets for Union bullets and cannon balls.  There were even "fences" in the field and we had to crawl over them.  We were then much easier targets, being higher in the air as we tried to get over the fences.  After seeing the Battlefield, I was glad that we had Lilyhemmer ahead of us for the weekend.

At Lilyhemmer we were privileged to see many more friends, including Rich Howard from Connecticut, Michael Miller from Virginia, and Carol and Anthony Haj from New York.  Diana and I watched the programs, enjoyed the wonderful meals, and soon I presented our program.  During the evening we attended the plant auction, and it was very competitive.  We even found a little time before the auction to visit Hershey's Chocolate Factory which was nearby.  We couldn't have visited so many places without the car that Diana rented.  Soon it was time to return to Georgia.  Thanks to our friends at Lilyhemmer for inviting us to your annual daylily adventure.

I've got to show a new daylily that bloomed this past June.  It was a 10 month seedling which I have assigned Seedling number 6-105.  The parents are as follows:  ((Viva Glam Girl x Tet. Vanilla Fluff) x Opa Klaus).  Perhaps you might agree that I've combined two wonderful conversions of Joiner doubles: Tet. Vanilla Fluff and Tet. Sunglasses Needed, which is a parent of OPA KLAUS.  I like the color, and I particularly like the measurements which are as follows:  33" tall, 4-way branching, 16 Buds and a 7" double.  I left 6-105 growing outside so that I can see whether it is dormant, knowing that Vanilla Fluff is a dormant.

Diana has also had blooms on her red marigold that is named "Cinnabar," and also on her white Cosmos.  These are two of the flowers we admired when we were on Vacation in the Northwest this past Summer with Georgia Gardener Walter Reeves.  I'm showing a close-up picture of both the Cosmos and also the Cinnabar.   Having these flowers to bloom now will make it possible to gather many more seeds for use next spring.  Diana had only three (3) seeds of the Cinnabar, and ten (10) seeds of the Cosmos.  Diana even has a Cinnabar growing in a one gallon bucket which we will probably keep in the Greenhouse.

Tomorrow morning I'm flying to Indianapolis, Indiana, to speak to the Hoosier Daylily Society.


Thursday, October 13, 2016

Happy 5th Birthday!

Hello Daylily Friends,

I have been working so many hours to try to get ready for winter.  All is growing well in the Greenhouse, and I'm clearing so many rows outside.  I hope to be finished by the middle of November.  By then all new seedlings should be planted outside and all of the plants that I'm going to use to make seeds during 2017 will be in the Greenhouse growing well in pots.

During all of this effort we were so blessed to have Nicole DeVito to come from Florida and visit with us when our Club met on Sept. 11, 2016.  Nicole showed us pictures of her Garden, which we were able to personally  visit on our Club Bus during the 2016 Florida Mecca.  Our members purchased Nicole's daylilies at our auction, and we've now gotten these planted in our gardens.  I had wanted to take a Club picture with Nicole but I just forgot.  I didn't remember until most members had already left to return home,  I just couldn't let this happen so those of us we were still at the meeting came together and had our picture taken with Nicole.  I'm showing the picture.  I had wanted to show Nicole that I have so many seedlings growing from her introduction UNDEFINABLE.  Perhaps next time.  Thanks so much Nicole for coming to visit.

Then Lily Rae came to visit with Mom and with Grandpa and Grandma, and we celebrated her 5th birthday.  Lily Rae had a lovely cake and lots of presents and so, so much fun.  The Cake was green and yellow and Lily Rae likes these colors, perhaps because they are "John Deere" tractor colors.  We talked and laughed and did lots of fun things that Lily likes to do.  She likes to paint with water colors, she likes to draw pictures, she likes puzzles, and she enjoys lots of conversation.  I repeat that she enjoys conversation.  She will talk and talk, and enjoy whatever we say to each other.  She is the best.  We are always thrilled to be with Lily Rae.

She also likes to walk in the Garden and walk with Grandpa to the Greenhouse.  In the Greenhouse we have a new "Banana Tree" that was given to us by Suzanne Franklin who lives in North Georgia.  This particular Banana Tree is somewhat "cold hardy." Earlier this summer when we visited with Suzanne I told her that we would be so happy to have a stalk from her tree, and she was kind and brought one to us.  Lily Rae likes the new Banana Tree.  Lily Rae also likes to help do things in the Greenhouse.  So she helped Grandpa pot several daylilies that I'll be using this coming spring.  Lily just likes to do gardening work with Grandpa.  Thanks Lily Rae.

I also want to mention an introduction that I had a number of years ago named for my friend, David Arthur.  I planted DAVID ARTHUR in the Garden and I've been growing it with the intent of offering it for sale when we again have a sale in the City of Smyrna.  DAVID ARTHUR grew and grew and was fully mature this summer.  I was so surprised at what I say.  The plant is actually 31" tall with 4-way branching and it very often blooms as a "double."  Indeed, it has a lovely double bloom.  I think that I may use the double to produce more, darker colored doubles.  I think I should also update the registration with our Registrar, and show the genuine height and branching, plus the fact that it often doubles.

Speaking of doubles, I am reasonably sure that I will introduce Seedling 3-397.  Its parents are as follows:  (Buzz Saw Boogie x Tet. Sunglasses Needed).  It is a sister plant to OPA KLAUS, and is 24" tall, with 3-way branching, 17 buds, with a 7" flower.  I have not tried to use it as a pod parent although I should have.  It is just too beautiful to leave aside.  I think AHS friends will enjoy growing it in their gardens.

Another time of excitement has been our Club's Fall Picnic which took place on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2016.  We had 50+ members in attendance.  We had a grand feast and we ate most everything.  We had a plant auction where plants were mostly purchased with "points" earned during the year when members worked for the Club during many activities.  We also used the points to purchase plants that were available but not auctioned.  David Bishop was our Auctioneer and he did a fine job.  Also durng the Fall Picnic many members went to the Greenhouse to see the seedlings.  I'm so pleased that they look most promising.  Then we later took time to take a Club Picture as we've done each year over the past several years.  Our Fall Picnic was just fun.

Then, this past Saturday, Oct. 8, 2016, I was pleased to be the Speaker for Georgia's Region 5 at its meeting in Macon, Georgia.  I was so pleased to see our Auctioneer, David Bishop, lead the meeting.  Our Region 5 President, Scott Elliott, could not be present because of Hurricane Elliott on the Georgia coast.  We hear that Scott survived the storm ok.  It was also good to see so many additional friends, and again, I wish that I had taken a picture but I was just too focused on being the Speaker.  Thanks to Region 5 for having us come and show our program.

Back on July 13, 2016, I showed pictures of the most significant event that happened in our garden this past summer.  It was the rebloom scape on Seedling 6-41.  Wow, what a daylily!  I'm going to show a picture of the bloom again, and then let you know what I've done with the scapes.  Here's the picture.

I dug up Seedling 6-41 and I have six (6) fans.  I separated each fan, dipped them in strong chemicals, got them cleaned and then planted two fans in three separate 2-gallon buckets.  The fans have grown well, and they now look like they are almost back to normal.  However, the roots are coming out of the bottoms of the 2-gallon buckets.  I'm going to have to put the plants into 3 or 5 gallon buckets.  I am so thrilled that I have 6 fans to work with.  I plan to cross this seedling with so many other daylilies, both singles and doubles.  Also I looking forward to learning whether 6-41 is pod fertile.

Let me also show two seedlings that have recently bloomed from using MASTER SERGEANT KENNETH LANE, 4-564.  First I am showing a cross between SGT. LANE and TET. YANKEE PINSTRIPES.  I got the darker color and the bloom is most encouraging.  I am looking forward to seeing all of the other blooms in 2017.  Next, I'm showing a cross between SGT. LANE and TET. PINK STRIPES.  I like the bloom, and again, I'm looking forward to see the other blooms in 2017.  I am now seeing that we can indeed do things with the stripes that we might not have thought about years ago.  This is so, so exciting.

I want to close by showing a bloom of Seedling 4-570.  This is a magnificent flower.  The lovely green edge is so pronounced, and I'm showing a picture of the scape and branches in the Greenhouse.  The measurements that I'm showing are taken from 4-570 growing in the outside garden.  4-570 is pod and pollen fertile.  It will be so much in demand when I'm able to put it on the market.  It will be put out in the Spring of 2018.  It is just so delightful to have seedlings like 4-570.

This coming Sunday Diana and I are going to Mississippi to speak to the Hattiesburg Club; it will be so exciting.

More news soon.