Thursday, April 2, 2020


Hello Daylily Friends,

I have a 1986 John Deere Model 750 Tractor that has an attached John Deere Tiller.  The Tractor uses diesel fuel, it is in great shape, and runs very well.  The Tiller also works very well although it could use some new "steel teeth" that are easily available through a John Deere dealer.  There are also "counter-balance weights" on the front of the Tractor.  Indeed, the Tractor has only 649 hours of use.  I'm showing pictures of both the Tractor and the Hours Gauge.  I would add that I am the "original owner," and I have the Bill of Sale and the Title Document.  Although I like the Tractor, and although it is an outstanding Tractor/Tiller, I just do not use it anymore.  So, I am offering it for sale for the price of $4,750.00.  The Tractor/Tiller were purchased from Jasper Lawn and Tractor, Inc., in Jasper, Georgia. If anyone has an interest in the Tractor/Tiller just call me on my cell phone which is 404/375-9454.

I also must mention a bloom that I had this morning in the Greenhouse.  It is Seedling 8-708.  I think I have shown it before, and it looks similar to Nicole's UNDEFINABLE.  When it initially bloomed in the garden it had  "teeth" that are very noticeable.  In the Greenhouse the teeth are not as well defined, but it grows very well there.  It is 27" tall with 5-way branching and 32 buds.  The flower is 5.5" in diameter.  It is an evergreen.  It does not grow well in cold weather.  It easily pod and pollen fertile, and the parents are as follows:  MSGT KENNETH LANE x UNDEFINABLE.  I have crossed 8-708 back against MSGT LANE, and should see the blooms from this cross this spring.

I've also noticed that our seedlings from last summer are truly growing well in the outside garden.  The plants are big and I'm hoping from what I see that we will have many first year blooms.  One plant that I particularly used this past summer was my Seedling 5-785, the tall green seedling.  I think the enormous rain we've had, plus our unusually mild winter, have contributed to the enormous growth of these 2019 seedlings.

I would add that our friends, Fran and Jim Summerville, came by the garden and wanted to purchaser Jamie Gossard's NEON FLAMINGO.  It is truly a wonderful daylily.  Diana and I were so glad that Fran and Jim came by that we had our picture taken together with Fran holding NEON FLAMINGO.  We've always enjoyed the beauty of NEON FLAMINGO, and there was a picture of it in the most recent edition of THE DAYLILY JOURNAL.  And Diana and I are easily 6 feet behind Jim and Fran.

We've also been moving "wood chips" from the back of the Greenhouse to the front of the Greenhouse.  This will make it easier to eventually move the wood chips into to the Garden, and even into the Greenhouse.  I've even piled "mounds" of well rotten wood chips for eventual use as "potting soil."  All is going well at Kennesaw Mountain Daylily Gardens!

More News Soon.


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