Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hello Daylily Friends,

Well tonight I want to talk about one of my best successes this past summer. It is my seedling number 8-213, and the cross is as follows: [(Magic Amethyst x J. T. Davis) x Bluegrass Music].
The most exciting thing about this new seedling is that it is totally dormant. Indeed, it grew as a seedling among a number of evergreens, and it took two years before I saw it bloom. However, when it bloomed I suspected that it was dormant, and my suspicion was correct. I know that there have been many plants from Florida that have had similar colors, but none have been dormant. Dormancy makes a big difference. This dormant seedling will grow anywhere north of Marietta, Georgia. What a blessing it was and is to have this new daylily.
What makes 8-213 to be a dormant? I would surmise that it comes from two of its parents. First, Magic Amethyst is a dormant. Second, one of the background parents of Bluegrass Music is Tet. Lavender Blue Baby, which is a dormant. The second question might be about the creation of the double edge. How did this happen? Obviously, the yellow edge comes from J. T. Davis, and the purple eye comes from Bluegrass Music. There may also be a parent behind Magic Amethyst that causes a purple eye and edge.
Well you might ask: Well how many seedlings of 8-213 do you have? Regretfully, only two. However, I have it growing in a 7-gallon bucket and it has just been brought into the greenhouse. I intend to cause it to multiply. I hope to be able to introduce it in two years.


  1. Wow, I just discoverd your blog, Mr. Waldrop, and it's very interesting to read about the various plants you are converting. I wish I had read these posts back before Christmas when I tried conversions for the first time. Yes, water is definitely the enemey. But my mistake was digging too deeply into the crown. Believe it or not, I used a drill ... yes, a drill. My scapel was too sharp, and I kept digging too deeply. The plants I used the drill bit on survived because I could feel the bit hit the crown.

    This seedling, while not directly out of a conversion, really intrigues me. I notice you've used BLUEGRASS MUSIC quite a bit. Have you used PRECIOUS CANDY as well? Are you having similar results (blue eyes, double edges, etc.) with it?

  2. It takes "practice, practice and some more practice," to learn how to cut a diploid and get it ready for treatment with Colchicine. I have killed so many plants by cutting too deep. Of course, if you do not cut close enough you also fail in your effort. I use BLUEGRASS MUSIC because it is such a good plant. One of the parents in its background is TET. LAVENDER BLUE BABY. This gives the plant some real stamina. I have not used PRECIOUS CANDY. Thank you so much for your comment.

  3. Bill,

    I know when collecting pollen you make use of a matchbox. I have been looking on the internet for some specifics on this method, but to no avail. Would you mind posting something. I think it's something your fans could really make use of. So far my pollen collection efforts are only 50 or 60% successful... and that's just not good enough! And the real problem is that you only know you've failed after it's too late. Aghhhhh!

  4. Ok. I will soon post comments about pollen collection.