Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Seedling in the Greenhouse

Hello Daylily Friends,
The day has finally arrived. A beautiful blooming seedling in the greenhouse. The cross is as follows: [Cerise Masterpiece x (Grace 578 Seedling x Tet. Connie Burton)] x Kaskel Seedling Best Edge. I expect many more such seedlings to bloom in the greenhouse and I am looking for that one perfect seedling. I want a seedling that has height from Certise Masterpiece, large size from the Grace 578 Seedling, the ruffled edge from Tet. Connie Burton, and the wonderful edge from Best Edge. Am I asking for too much? Well, not in my humble opinion.

The first picture shows the seedling two days before it bloomed. The second picture shows the seedling the day before it bloomed, and the third picture shows the new daylily.

It is difficult to choose new seedlings to keep and grow from the greenhouse. Often, the first blooms are the best that will be seen on the new plant. Second, you can't tell until the daylily survives the winters that it will be a good daylily. Then, there are the obvious questions: height, branching and bud count.
It is good to begin to have new seedlings blooming to see and adore.

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