Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Larry's Visit to the Greenhouse

Good Evening Daylily Friends,

Well my good friend Larry Grace came to visit. We had a wonderful adventure. Larry arrived on Sunday around 11:30 a. m., just after I came home from Church. We immediately went to the Greenhouse. It still looked beautiful even though our first stroll through was around lunch time. I had thought that I didn't have as many blooms as I wanted, but Larry saw a number of nice things that I had not noticed. Then, on Monday morning, Larry saw even more. I am showing a picture of Larry and myself as we enjoyed looking at daylilies in the middle of April. It is good to have a Greenhouse, and it is good to have a visit from Larry. Indeed, I would not have a Greenhouse but for Larry's encouragement.

One bloom that Larry liked is a cross of the following daylilies: [(Leslie Renee x Angels Gather Around) x (Leslie Renee x Angels Gather Around)] x Best Edge. It is about 28" tall, 3-way branching, ten buds, and a 5 1/2" flower. Hopefully it will grow even better over the winter and increase its bud count. I now call it Seedling 9-38. Larry liked the "teeth" he saw on the edges of the petals. He also liked the color and the blunt edges of the sepals.

My good friend David Arthur came over to the Greenhouse around 9:30 a.m., and David pointed out a short, small seedling that neither Larry nor I had noticed. It was a cross between the following daylilies: (Heartbeat of Heaven x Jennifer Trimmer) x Tet. Star Child. It was only about 20" tall, and the flower was only about 4 1/2" in diameter. I now call this little daylily Seedling 9-40. I have many purples with light colored eyes, and I took pollen from Seedling 9-40 to all of my purple daylilies. I like the eye in seedling 9-40, and I've hoping that 9-40 will help me develop a new eye in my large purples. I am showing a picture of Seedling 9-40.

Another bloom that I had this morning is from an interesting cross: (Vintner's Treasure x Larry's Obsession) x Wild Hair. It is a tall daylily with no branching, and I now call it Seedling 9-40. I pollenated 9-40 with pollen from Venus Flytrap. This is a good cross but I wish I had pollen from Kinnebrew's Randy Stephens because it is red. Randy Stephens and 9-40 would have been a perfect cross since Wild Hair in 9-40 is dormant. Having a dormant in the background is like having anti-freeze in your car. It may not help in July when it is warm, but it will certainly help during the winter when the temperatures drop into the teens. I am showing a picture of Seedling 9-40.

Another bloom that I had this morning was from Seedling 9-33. It is just so tall and so dark with such a perfect ivory and gold edge. It reminds me somewhat of Ted Petit's Larry's Obsession that was on the cover of his 2006 catalogue. I am just so pleased because 9-33 is so tall and because it has those two wonderful proliferations. It is nice when a plan comes together in the Greenhouse.



  1. Give ME 9-33!!!! It looks like Kinnebrew's Karen Stephens and Dark Obsession on steririods. This would be a definite introduction on my part. If I were you I would cross it with Hurrican Swirls. It is one of Stamiles plants. The ruffles go to the eye of the flower. But thry are wight not gold, and gold looks better to me. Plus, Hurrican Swirl's self is not as dark and could be improved. I think that would be a smart cross. I hope it gets introduced
    Luke Van de Vate

  2. Sorry, no time fore proof reading this morning.:)

  3. Mr. Bill,
    Hope you and Larry had a good visit.I agree, 9-38 has good color and edge(teeth). It will get better with age.
    I also like the purple seedling. I like the eye,lighter edge and the veining.
    The toothy seedling is interesting also. More people are looking for toothy edges.
    WOW!! 9-33 looks better with each bloom I see.
    Have a good day and keep up the good work.

  4. Hello Bill,
    You are having some very good blooms now, but 9-40 and 9-38 are the best yet. Just love anything with teeth. David from SC

  5. Hi Bill,

    I would like to see a pic of the seedling that parented 9-40, Vintners Treasure x Larrys Obsession. It would help to follow along with your logic in crossing.

    Regading 9-33... a home run!