Sunday, July 19, 2009

Well it is Somewhat a Day of Rest

Hello Daylily Friends,

I regret that there are no more new daylilies to see, and I do not particularly like having to entirely change both the Greenhouse and the outside garden. However, this must be done so that new seeds can be planted, and so that new daylilies will be growing in the garden. I finally finished working the three rows that I showed on July 10, 2009, and I am showing two pictures taken as the work proceeded. In the first picture I am showing two rows that are tilled and finished, and a third row that has been treated with 10-10-10 fertilizer and lime. I then tilled the third row and now the three rows are ready to be planted with seedlings from the Greenhouse. The second picture shows the completely prepared three rows. It is difficult to create the new rows, but I must have them ready to produce high quality, outstanding daylilies. I will have to also completely prepare another seven (7) rows. The ultimate reward will come in June, 2010.

You may recall that Diana and I have a turtle that we affectionately call "Randy." Randy made his home in our garden last year, and made a habit of eating our tomatoes that were at the bottoms of the tomato plants and were close to the ground. We wondered if Randy was still in the garden and whether he would return to our tomato plants. Well, recently, we received our answer. Diana and I went to gather tomatoes and there was Randy. He had eaten almost half of a large tomato. Needless to say, Randy likes tomatoes. We let Randy have all of the tomatoes that he wants because we know that he is helpful in also eating bug in our garden. Randy is always welcome.

Well, as I said, it is almost a day of rest. Diana says that we need to go to "Lowe's" to see their new grills. We have not had a grill for about six weeks because our old grill died from rust. We need a new grill so that we can cook steaks and hamburgers and anything else that needs to be prepared on a grill. Diana also says that we need to go to "Old Time Pottery" to get a particular flower pot that will enhance a gift she intends to give to our daughter Kelley. So, instead of fully resting, we will travel to Lowe's and to Old Time Pottery. The only member of this household who seems to be able to completely rest on Sunday is our cat Sammy. I'm showing Sammy sleeping on the top corner of our couch. And, Sammy really knows how to rest.


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