Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bill and David Visit Florida Hybridizers

Good Evening Daylily Friends,

My friend David Arthur and I have just returned from our visit to Florida where we were privileged to visit with a number of Florida Hybridizers. On our way to Florida we stopped by to visit with our friend Tim Bell who operates the most beautiful back-yard garden in America, "Bell's Daylily Garden." When I say that Tim's garden is the most beautiful in America, I can say this because I have visited many, many gardens across the country, including 12 AHS Natiional Tours, and 3 Region 5 tours. In all of my travels, over 64 years of life, I have never seen a garden more beautiful than Tim's garden. Fortunately, Tim's garden will be among those that will be visited this coming Spring when the AHS National Tour will feature Tim's stunning creation. In preparation for the National Convention I took five seedlings to Tim, and respectfully asked that he display them. Tim agreed and I'm hoping that my plants bloom for everyone, and that they are beautiful as well. Thanks Tim for letting myself and David visit, and thanks for growing and showing my seedlings; we look forward to seeing you again at the AHS Convention.

When David and I arrived in Florida the first Hybridizer that we visited was Ms. Nicole Harry. Nicole was so gracious and glad to see us; we truly enjoyed our visit. Nicole's Spring, 2010 Catalogue is not yet published, but here are the beautiful daylilies we received from Nicole: PHANTOM RETURNS, NICOLE'S PLUM CRAZY, BLACK TIE AFFAIR, and SOUTHERN DAZZLE. Nicole's garden has grown considerably, she has a tremendous load of prepared potting soil, and half of her garden is covered by overhead netting. Nicole clearly adores her garden, and she gives it her complete and total attention. It is good to have Nicole as our friend since she produces such beautiful daylilies, and since she is also the youngest of our Florida Hybridizer. We look forward to Nicole's continuing contributions to AHS.

David and I also went to visit our friend, Dan Trimmer. Dan was growing his new seedlings in true, one-gallon buckets, and he had approximately 4,000 seedlings. The seedlings are obviously doing very well, and so David and I had our picture taken with Dan in front of his seedlings. Immediately behind the seedlings you can see Dan's Greenhouse. David and I received from Dan the following two, new introductions: ISABEL'S SPIDER and MARK ALLEN PERRY. Dan has been so successful in creating exciting, new daylilies that not enough can be said about his success over the past several decades. I was also particularly pleased to report to Dan that I am now growing seedlings after putting pollen from my new TET. ORANGE VELVET onto his ORANGE BLOSSOM TRAIL. Dan seemed pleased with the conversion and with the cross. We then went to visit Guy and Karen Pierce at Floyd Cove Nursery.

As we entered Floyd Cove Nursery we were met by a smiling Guy Pierce. Guy was glad to see us. Soon, Karen also came, and we all talked about this past year in daylilies. What a joy it is to grow our flower! David and I had already decided that we wanted FIRECRACKER PARADE because it is a dormant coming from breedling with TET. PEPPERMINT DELIGHT. Guy immediately went over and dug it for us, and I'm showing a picture of Guy holding our FIRECRACKER PARADE. We were then delighted to have a considerable block of Karen's time; she showed us their Spring 2010 introductions on their computer. The catalogue is now at the printers, and so David and I were very delighted to have Karen's attention and time. I'm showing a picture of Karen showing us the Spring 2010 introductions on her computer. David and I then purchased LITTLE JAZZMAN, ROBERT SEARLES, BELLA NOTE (sp.), and LAVENDER MOONBEAM. We then had to go back and see Dan again before we left, and then we headed back to our homes here in Marietta, Georgia.

As we went down the Enterprise-Osteen Road we saw the sign in front of the home of Grace and Pat Stamile. It was the "For Sale" sign that Pat told us about in his e-mail. It was sad to see the sign, and also miss the chance to see Pat and Grace. It was like going to the Black Hills in South Dakota and failing to see Mount Rushmore. We know that Pat and Grace are not leaving daylilies, but the passage of an important time has taken place. Pat is the father of modern daylilies; he is the most knowledgeable man that we know in our field. Who else has done so much? Who else can match Pat's accomplishments? I would also say that the only dayliliy from another hybridizer on this Blog is Grace's ELFIN REFLECTION. The measurments are just as Grace reports them to be, and the daylily is gorgeous. I'm in the process of trying to get it converted. Pat and Grace we hope that you come to Cobb County, Georgia, to make your new home.

David and I arrived back home safe and sound and with our beautiful new daylilies. A wonderful trip that lasted just two short days.


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