Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Visiting Louisiana!

Good Afternoon Daylily Friends,

This past week-end was "chocked-full" of daylily excitement! Friday afternoon, on November 13, 2009, Diana and I took a Delta flight from Atlanta to Alexandria, Louisiana. We were met at the Airport by Carter Stafford, a member of the Cenla Daylily Society. At the Alexandria Airport we also met our friend, Mort Morss, and then we all rode with Carter to the Best Western Hotel. At the Hotel we were treated to an "up-graded" room, and it was very large. I am showing a picture. It had the normal room with two huge beds, and one television, and then an entirely separate room with yet another television. There was a working room for using a desk and a computer, there was a full-size refrigerator, a microwave, and multiple phones. Just a delightful room. Later in the evening we met with members of the Cenla Daylily Society, and just talked about friendships and daylilies for hours. To top off the evening we were treated to a wonderful dinner at a local restaurant. Then, a good night of sleep to be ready for the big day on Saturday.

On Saturday, November 14, we arrived at the First United Methodist Church in Alexandria. It was obviously a delightful Church, and we met the members of the Club in the "Fellowship Hall." My program was first. I had difficulty because my pictures would not project from my computer. In my understanding, the fault is with Microsoft. Microsoft updated the program on my computer, and made it impossible for me to project my pictures. Fortunately, I had a disc that held with 85% of my program. So, I showed my pictures from my disc, and all went well. The next speaker was Ted Petit. Ted has an incredible program and his pictures and his new catalogue showed his high-position in the world of daylilies. I'm showing a picture of Ted and his wife Susan. I'm also showing a picture of TED'S TRIBUTE TO LINDA that I took at Ted's garden. We adore Ted's new daylily, and truly we miss our friend, Linda Agin. I would also note that Ted's Sister and his Brother, and their spouses, all attended the Symposium.

Other notable speakers at the Symposium were Nicole Harry and Mort Morss. Every speaker made the Symposium to truly be "extra-ordinary." The speakers kept to the arranged timetable, and we were able to see every picture that each speaker was prepared to present. When we reached lunch time, lunch was served from the Church kitchen. I'm showing a picture at the serving line of Carey Roberts and his son, Sutton, along with their friend, Ricky Meaux. Carey and his wife and his three sons all drove from their home in Arkansas to Alexandria. Quite a travel but it was to support Region 13. I'm also showing a picture of Diana and myself as we are about to enjoy our lunch. The menu was Turkey, dressing and green beans, and all of the trimmings that you would want for Thanksgiving.

When we finished our "Thanksgiving-lunch," we went back to the Fellowship Hall for the Auction. The auctioneer was Clyde Grammon, and Clyde had very good help from our new friend Carter Stafford. I'm showing a picture of the daylilies as they were being auctioned. It was obvious that the daylilies were placed in a pre-arranged order, and there were no delays in the auction in trying to find daylilies. Clyde would solicit bids while Carter held the daylily high in the air for everyone to see. There were members of the Club who kept track of the actual sales, and there were members of the Club who delivered the daylilies to successful biders. I purchased GREEN RAINBOW which is a Tim Herrington daylily that was introduced in 2005. It was only $80.00, and I received about eight (8) fans. I wanted it because it is a dormant diploid, and it is my intent to get it converted.

It was also a delight to see our good friend Clarence Crochet at the Symposium. We first met Clarence many years ago when the AHS National Convention was held at Lafayette, Louisiana. At the National Convention we first heard Clarence's "Beaudreaux jokes," and they were fun, fun, and more fun! How could there be a Symposium in Louisiana without hearing more of Clarence's Beaudreaux stories? So, Clarence took the microphone and told us a wonderful tale of Beaudreaux. I'm showing a picture of Clarence as he told the Beaudreaux tale. I'm also showing a picture of Joe Goudeau and Ellis Powell as they listen to Clarence. We all had a good laugh. Ellis serves as the Chairman of the Symposium. If there is space here in this paragraph, I'm also showing a picture of my wife Diana, and our friend Josh Jacques. Josh was the first to buy my full collection of 2010 introductions. Josh says that they are growing very well. Josh also gave me about eight (8) fans of HANDSOME ROSS CARTER. Josh wants it converted, and so I will get this accomplished.

We eventually went back to the Hotel and rested for the evening. We were up at 3:30 a.m. on Sunday morning to make our way back to Marietta, Georgia. We had to be back because our Cobb County Daylily Society had its quarterly meeting at 2:oo p.m. on Sunday. My good friend Camilla Arthur said that it was a good meeting because there was so much discussion by our members. We talked about the preparation of our daylily gardens for the winter. I'm showing a picture of Camilla standing by her water fountain in front of her house.

Sunday evening came, and we slowed down from our travels. Visiting Louisiana was fun, and it was good to make it home safely for our Sunday meeting. Thanks again to Ellis Powell, to Earl and Barbara Watts, and to the Cenla Daylily Society for inviting us to your wonderful Symposium. Every moment of our time with all of you will always be special to us! It is good to be a member of the AHS family.


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