Friday, February 19, 2010

Diana Starts Her Tomatoes!

Good Afternoon Daylily Friends,

It is only about 6 weeks until the first week of April. I can't wait, and my dear wife Diana Rae can't wait either. She has just planted her tomato seeds enroute to those monster sized big red beauties we all like so well during our summer fun. Diana planted two types of tomatoes: (1) Porterhouse Hybrid, and (2) Super Beefsteak. The Porterhouse produces tomatoes that are from 2 to 4 pounds each. The Super Beefsteaks produce tomatoes that are 1 to 2 pounds each, but with bigger yields. She planted her seeds in Burpee's 50 pellet greenhouse kit. Actually this includes one tray of 25 pellets, and then a second tray of 25 pellets. The two trays are covered with a clear plastic top. I'm showing a picture of one of the two Burpee kits, as well as a picture of some of last years tomatoes. One benefit of the tomatoes is having as big of a salad that I can prepare. I'll include everything in the salad: cucumbers, celery, onions, bell peppers, hot peppers, ground black pepper and a little salt. Yum Yum!

Another event that happened this afternoon is that I finished treating the dormant daylilies that I am trying to convert. I brought in BIG KISS and HANDSOME ROSS CARTER and treated these as well. I may have to treat BIG KISS again this coming fall because it keeps throwing up new shoots. I keep cutting these back, but I am concerned that they will continue to emerge and this usually dooms the conversion effort. HANDSOME ROSS CARTER was easy to cut and I have not seen any emerging shoots on this daylily. One daylily that I really wanted to get converted is MADGE CAYSE. I had one to throw up a new shoot, I disturbed one plant, and so I only treated four. In all, I treated 20 plants and I am showing a picture of the group. I will let you know what happens as I move through this conversion process.

See you tomorrow.


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