Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Seedling 1-300

Hello Daylily Friends,

We had a little rain today: not much, but as I say, a little. I worked outside all day working on the new beds we are constructing. To one row I had to add 5 bales of peat moss. On the other bed I had to add 3 bales of peat moss to about 1/3 of the row. I added plenty of lime to the soil, and I also added a generous helping of 10-10-10 fertilizer. The rows are looking good, and after the project is finished I will show a picture.

The best news today comes from the Greenhouse. I finally have a new bloom with teeth. It is a cross between the following parents: (Wild Hair x Fantastic Fringe). What I have done is use Wild Hair as a dormant pod parent, and the semi-evergreen, Fantastic Fringe, as the pollen parent. This should contribute to keeping the plant healthy during the winter freezes. I was very surprised at the height of the daylily; indeed, it is 42" tall. Growing outside I would only expect a height of about 32 to 34 inches. I was also surprised at the lovely 4-way branching. The flower itself is yellow, and it measures 5 1/2" in diameter. I am pleased that I am making progress with the plants with teeth. I now call this new daylily Seedling 1-300. The number "1" is shorthand for the year 2010, and I simply chose to start numbering seedlings with the number 300. This should help separate the numbers from several of my daylilies from 2008 and 2009.

Today was a "cool day," and I did not have the usual amount of heat in the Greenhouse. In my opinion the cool weather kept Seedling 1-300 from being at its best. I selected 1-300 primarily because of its height, and the potential that it presents for growth outside the Greenhouse.

Maybe more news tomorrow.


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