Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Marlee Jane

Good Evening Daylily Friends,

So much happens so fast that it is difficult for me to keep pace with myself. Diana and I traveled, coming and going, about 2 1/2 hours yesterday, gave a 40 minute program, ate lunch, and were back in the garden by 2:00 p.m. I immediately cut all of the grass on our property, and this is no small task. Diana helped me by working in the barn, and getting it clean. She also helped in putting tools back where they are supposed to be. Why did we do this? Because a newspaper reporter was coming to our garden this morning to do a story about our flowers. We worked very fast to get everything ready, and when 9:00 a.m. came this morning, indeed, we were ready. Then afterwards, I packed four orders for shipment to friends in Michigan, Ohio and Georgia. While all of this was in progress, I nevertheless was able to focus on several new seedlings in the Greenhouse.

One of my seedlings from 2007 was Seedling 7-86, which I have tentatively named for our friend, Marlee Jane Price. The actual name of the seedling will be MARLEE JANE. One of the disappointments that I experienced was that I could not get three braches on the seedling. However, I have done it several times now in the Greenhouse. I remember when 7-86 first bloomed. The bud was so, so big. Then the actual flower was so, so large. The cross was LONNIE LEROY CARPENTER x KENNESAW MOUNTAIN HAYRIDE. I have seedling 7-86 growing in Tim Bell's garden, and hopefully it will be seen by AHS members who attend the National Convention in Valdosta. I have decided that MARLEE JANE is an "evergreen." It performs well in warm climates, and does not do as well in very cold climates. I'm showing a picture that I took yesterday morning. MARLEE JANE is "Seven Inches" in diameter. Just a monster sized flowern that will simply have to be introduced.

One of the problems that I have had with MARLEE JANE is that it is a difficult pod parent. However, in the Greenhouse I have set pods on it, and the pods have been very nice. Nevertheless, MARLEE JANE is a very good pollen parent. In fact, MARLEE JANE throws large offspring. Well, I had another seedling that was made from the following cross: (Cerise Masterpiece x Tet. Thelma Elaine). It was a nice seedling, but it was not of introduction quality. I made several pods on the seedling, and one pod that I made was by using pollen from MARLEE JANE. Well today the new seedling bloomed, and what a beauty it is. I am showing a picture. The new seedling is only 9 months old, but already I see a very large flower. I am so encouraged.

I can also report that over the past several seasons I have used CERISE MASTERPIECE as a parent. One disappointment with most of the seedlings has been that the "substance" is lacking; however, I used CERISE MASTERPIECE mostly because of its height. One cross that I made was by using a red flower that had substance. I was fortunate to get a nice, lovely new bloom that likewise has substance. So, the cross is as follows: (Cerise Masterpiece x Seedling), and it is now called Seedling 1-318. It is 32" tall, it has 3-way branching, 15 buds, a 6" flower, and a good sized proliferation. I am showing a picture. I like the new color, and I like the white edge on the petals.

Well this is all that I can report today.



  1. I like Marlee Jane. Is this named after Marlee Price?

  2. Hi Kelley! That's right. Named for MARLEE JANE PRICE. Marlee has it growing at her home at Lake Rabun in north Georgia. I'm hoping to see it do well at Tim Bell's garden which is close to Tifton, Georgia.

  3. Bill,

    Can you share with us any information on the seedling used in the cross for 1-318:(Cerise Masterpiece x Seedling)