Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sammy on the Hunt!

Hello Daylily Friends,

Last night I was looking across my garden and the deer were still eating apples from my apple tree. I have had a few apples, but the deer have had plenty. They eat those that are on the ground, and when they finish, they get on their hind legs and leap for those in the tree. After they eat the apples they just freely walk across the daylily garden and eat whatever buds they see. As of now they are not bothering the plants, and the buds I do not really want anyway. I am trying to deter the deer but with not much success. One problem is that my garden is large and this makes it more difficult to protect.

This morning when I got up I listened to the news for about 30 minutes. In fact, I listened to several local channels, and both channels predicted that it would be hot, hot and hotter. I had my camera nearby so I took a picture of the TV screen showing the expected temperatures for today. As you can see from the picture, today's actual temperature will be 94, and tomorrow it will be 97 degrees. So July is a tough time here on McDaniel Road in the daylily garden. Fight the deer, endure the heat, but there is no relief from the work. I have started wearing a "sweat band" around my head. This is the first time that I have tried a sweat band; it really works. At least I can keep the persperation from my eyes.

Notwithstanding all of the impediments, I was still able to get a complete 1/2 of the Greenhouse cleaned and it is in pretty good shape. To do this all of the rejected seedlings had to be tossed, and the keeper plants had to be planted outside. I still have another 1/2 of the Greenhouse to complete, and I hope that I can get this done within a week. In cleaning the Greenhouse I have to not only remove plants, I also have to put many more "wood chips" on the floor of the Greenhouse. This keeps weeds from having a place to grow, and it helps me keep everything looking orderly and reasonably well managed.

On the way back to the house I found my cat Sammy with something in his mouth. I again took my trusty Canon A1000IS camera, and snapped a picture. Sammy is really a champion in the yard when he is outside. Chipmunks, slow-squirrels, inattentive-birds, rabbits, and even snakes have no chance when Sammy is on the hunt. Sammy really enjoys the hunt more than actually consuming his catch. I mean, I had already fixed Sammy his breakfast before he went out this moring, so his catching the mouse was mostly just for entertainment. I like my cat Sammy.

Here's to a hot Thursday in the Daylily Garden.



  1. Bill,

    I had hoped the green screen baggies had helped by now. You might need to pick up some Deer Scram either at your local nursery or order it online. The 1,2 punch of the two items should keep them away. Looking at your local forecast doesn't look like the right kind of weather to do any hard labor. Do take it easy and wait for cooler temps. It's not worth risking your health over. I think I may try the sweatband approach soon too. I dug a row of reject seedlings and had to keep on wiping my eyes. Hope all is well otherwise.

  2. Bill,
    I have worn a sweatband for years to keep the sweat from my eyes otherwise, I wouldn't be able to work outside. I also kind of perch my hat on top to keep the sun off any bald areas it may find. A good hunting cat is a bonus for any garden and Sammy seems to do the job well.

  3. Paul your "green screen baggies" are in my plans to protect my best seedlings, but I haven't yet invested in the "Deer Scram." The problem hasn't escaladed to the point that I am genuinely "outraged." At this point I am still tolerate of some deer damage, but my patience is being tested.

    Lee, I am so glad to know that you also use a "sweatband." I now consider this to be a very important part of gardening. I can also say that I am now using a white sweatband that I was given at the Houston, Texas, AHS national convention. I am also pleased with Sammy, but I must say that he just "bit me" while I was petting him. He is definitely not a Lap Cat; indeed, he is a Hunting Cat.
    Here in Marietta, Georgia, daylily gardening, notwithstanding the 95 degree heat, is very, very good!