Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sammy Sleeps

Hello Daylily Friends,

Work has definitely slowed in the garden in the face of the 98 degree August heat. Our back yard is as hot as an iron skillet on a red hot stove fire. We can hardly stand the heat, but our cat Sammy has his own method to deal with the situation. Sammy simply finds a place that is shaded where there is a cool surface, and then lays down and sleeps. I'm showing Sammy as he rests during the afternoon. Sammy sleeps during the heat of the day, and only becomes active in the evening when he can more easily move about. Sammy is simply the best cat to be found anywhere!

My good friend Stan has a business that he calls "West Cobb Tree Service." Over the years Stan has been very helpful in bringing us the wood chips from when he cuts down trees for others. These wood chips are essential in helping us to keep weeds out of our garden, and in helping to enrich our soil. Stan even lets me use his "Bobcat" vehicle to move the wood chips throughout the garden and around the Greenhouse. Today Stan and his two man crew worked in the sweltering heat to take down five tall pine trees. These trees have been robbing our daylilies of moisture, and I've just had enough. The trees are on their way out. I'm showing a picture of Stan after he cut down most of the trees, and I'm also showing a stack of tree trunks. Diana says that the tree trunks have to go. I'm sure that Stan will take most of them away. In any event I will soon be able to prepare garden beds that will not be hampered by tree roots sucking away all of the available moisture.

I see on the Robin that many gardeners across the USA and Canada still have "reblooms." I bought BOOGIE WOOGIE BLUES this past year because I wanted to try to get it converted to a tetraploid. I separated it into several one gallon buckets, and it has just bloomed, and bloomed and bloomed. I see that my good friend Lee Pickles got in trouble with the folks on the Robin for dismissing those noted Judges who favor spiders. Well, I have met Judges who like the small flower, and who particularly like the small doubles. My good friends David Arthur and Jim Mullins also both like small doubles. I'm thinking that I may just grow BOOGIE WOOGIE BLUES, and try to time the blooms for our daylily show next summer. Wouldn't you agree that indeed it has a glorious bloom?

I must also report that Diana and I are going to a wedding in Colorado. Diana's brother's son, Josh, is marring his beautiful wife April. What a joy it will be to see all of Diana's family again, and to take a few days away from this torrid Georgia August heat.



  1. Bill,

    I just had to comment on this weeks installment. Being a landscaper when I'm not hybridizing, it has been pretty nasty even up here in the 90's, which is above normal for Ohio. I can't imagine cutting trees down in 90 to 100 degree heat. Your
    tree guys are troopers. It's kind of funny what lengths we go to to accomodate our daylilies. The first year I was living with my wife, I had a tree service cut down a mature maple tree in her front yard. Now that area is completely saturated with daylilies. They really do need full sun and plenty of moisture and the maple would have robbed them of both. It's nice to have shade and trees to border one's property, but hard to have them growing in the middle of a daylily field. Good luck with the work!

  2. Thanks Paul. Stan and his son and his helper do work very, very hard. They get up early, take considerable risk, and compete with considerable competition. I just want daylilies and not robber pine roots.