Wednesday, September 29, 2010

News from the Gardener

Hello Daylily Friends,

As you would have known, there isn't much daylily news this week from the garden. However, other fall events are in full swing and one event that I very much enjoy is football at Georgia Tech. Before I began growing daylilies I always bought season tickets from Tech every year. Now that I have the garden and have to maintain a daylily schedule, I only buy a few tickets each year. The first game for which I purchased a ticket was this past Saturday's game with N. C. State. I would have expected that we would win the game but I was wrong. N. C. State looked so good. Every time that we did something good they would do something better. Certainly, N. C. State is a well coached and multi-talented team. Their quarterback and their receivers are very, very good. I took a picture at the game that I am showing. N. C. State won the game with a score of 45 to 28. Congratulations to N. C. State.

I must also report that Diana and I have had a genuine problem with a "Doe." He just adopted our home as being his home. For the past week he has been eating Diana's flowers, he has chewed her okra almost to the ground, and he decimated her potato crop. I was becoming very exasperated and concerned. Then, on Monday morning when Diana and I were walking the garden, I saw a strange sight. At first I thought that it was a plastic bag that had blown away into the planted area for the daylilies. I walked closer to take a better look. Then, to my surprise, I saw the little Doe that had been doing so much damage in our garden. He was dead and his hind leg was badly damaged. Diana called the County Agent and they said the Doe had been hit by a car; my friend David Arthur said that the Doe was attacked, perhaps by a Cyote. In any event the Doe was dead, and I am showing a picture of his lifeless body. Although the little Doe was causing much harm to our garden, we were still sad that he lost his life.

Tomorrow my good friend David Arthur and myself will plant seedlings from the Greenhouse into the outside soil. This is just about the perfect time to make the movement. It will be excellent for the seedlings. We will also probably plant seedlings into one gallon pots and leave them in the Greenhouse to bloom this coming spring.

Well you now have today's update from the Kennesaw Mountain Daylily Gardens.



  1. Dear Bill,

    Interesting picture of the doe. I thought to myself, if it had been killed by a coyote, then chances are pieces of the does would have been missing. My guess is that the doe was struck by a car, and eventually the trauma from the accident took her life. They are beautiful animals, only when they are strolling across a meadow and not eating hundreds of daylily scapes on our beloved seedlings. By the way, up north in this state, it's Ohio State Buckeye football territory. I got to go to the shoe (OSU stadium is shaped like a horseshoe) back when I was younger. It was a pretty cool experience. Great blog.

  2. Thanks Paul,
    You may be right about the method by which the Doe met his demise. Today,three days after his/her demise, I'm glad the Doe is gone. This little beast would have done much, much more damage in the garden. Your Ohio Buckeyes are doing well! I've had a good day in the garden and will likely post again tonight. Thanks so much for your message.

  3. Dear Bill,

    One other clarification, the dead deer in the photo is definitely female, referred to as a doe. The male's usually have antlers or little nubs where antlers are sprouting out. Males are referred to as bucks. Never in my life would I have thought I'd become an expert on deer, but thanks to daylilies, I am. Daylilies are like ice cream to deer.
    Thanks again for the great blog.