Monday, November 22, 2010

Time Moves so Fast!

Hello Daylily Friends,

Time moves by so fast! Yesterday it was fall, and today I am trying to prevent bitter December weather from freezing my garden pipes. Speaking of Fall, when we went to the meeting of our Cobb County Daylily Society on November, 14, 2010, I was amazed by a red maple tree. In fact, I thought that it was so startling that I took a picture. Fall is such a wonderful time with all of the changing tree colors, but a "red" maple tree is a genuine delight. When our Club met on November 14, one of the matters of business was to install "new leaders." While I have enjoyed serving two terms as our Club's President, I was pleased to see the Presidency pass to my good friend, David Arthur. I'm showing David as he began to preside over the meeting following his election in September. I am completely confident that our Club made the "right choice" in electing David as our new President.

On November 20 and 21st, Diana and I traveled to speak to two daylily Clubs. The first Club was the Albany Daylily Society in Albany, Georgia. It was good to see members of the Club such as Ron and Pat Bonner, Dr. Chappel, and Jack Joiner. In fact, when we arrived at the meeting we saw our friend Michael gathering flowers from Camellia bushes to display at the meeting. We enjoyed our many conversations, and I was pleased to talk with out fellow "Georgians" about the most wonderful subject of all: daylilies! Then, Diana and I had to leave to travel to Columbia, South Carolina. It was a long drive, and eventually we stopped on I-20 and rested for the evening. Then, on Sunday morning, after a good breakfast, we began our drive again. We arrived in Columbia about 11:30 a.m., and we stopped at a very unusual mall. People actually lived in homes in the mall, and there were flowers everywhere. Indeed, it looked like a tropical island. I'm showing a picture of Diana and myself sitting on a park bench with beautiful flowers in the background. Then we went to the Mid-Carolina Daylily Society meeting where we were greeted by the Club President, Ms. Debbie Spangler. We were also surprised to see our good friends, Charles and Heidi Douglas and Peggy Jeffcoat. We had a wonderful meeting, but sadly I did not take a picture of the members of the Club. Maybe we will have another opportunity.

When Diana and I travel we leave Sammy in the house because we are concerned for the "Coyotes." They live in the area of our house, and we don't want Sammy to harm them. So, Sammy sleeps wherever he wants to sleep. When we were on our trip to Albany and Columbus, Sammy slept and rested, but he was glad when we arrived back at the house. Sammy is the best cat! We love our cat, Sammy.

Then, suddenly, a few days passed, and Diana and I and our good friends David and Camilla Arthur traveled together to Chattanooga, Tennessee. We went to go to the "Hybridizer's Meeting" organized by our close friend, Lee Pickles. We checked in at the hotel, and David and Camilla told Santa what they wanted for Christmas. Imagine that: Santa was in the hotel lobby receiving requests for Christmas gifts. In fact, I'm showing a picture of Camilla and David as they chatted with Santa. Then we all went to a fabulous Italian Restaurant were we spent many hours with our daylily friends. The Restaurant was near the hotel, but it was a sufficient distance that David had to drive. We talked with Karol Emmerick and David Kirchhoff and Mort Morss, and so many other good friends. There wasn't enough time to say as much as we wanted to say to each other. The dinner ended, and we then went back to the hotel where we enjoyed wine and and other treats as the evening passed away into yesterday.

Well back here in Marietta I am so pleased with the growth of the seedlings in the Greenhouse. Indeed, the seedlings are growing very large, and are almost large enough to be introductions. I look at the seedlings, and see so much potential. I know that this could be my best year yet with new daylilies. I have made some highly desirable crosses, and I'm looking forward to "Leaps" with white teeth. Well, more news soon.


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