Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's Christmas 2010!

Hello Daylily Friends,

I have had the best Christmas ever! Christmas eve was a wonderful day, and I thoroughly enjoyed working in the Greenhouse. Then, our good friends David and Camilla came over, and rang the "doorbell." However, I had just gotten out of the shower, and I was still getting dressed. So, I opened the upstairs window and shouted down, "We'll be there in a minute." And indeed, we were there in just a few moments. My attention went quickly to the present that David had brought. It was "Salmon" that he had just cooked on his Smoker. I immediately tried it, and my friends I must say it was heavenly. Just perfect. We all chatted for a while then went to the Greenhouse, and talked for a long time.

It wasn't long and Kelley and Jeff also came over to visit. Kelley brought me a coffee cup as my Christmas gift, and I am so thrilled with it. It shows my IRISH HALO, and the cup is basically white with a black handle, and a black ring around the top of the cup. I'm showing a picture. I am hopeful that my daylily friends will continue to obtain and grow IRISH HALO. In all modesty, I would suggest that it is the best green edged daylily that exists. There are bigger edges that are chartruse, but they are not as green. I'm sure that someone will create a better green edged daylily, but at the end of 2010, it hasn't happened yet. Thanks Kelley for this delightful gift.

Diana fixed a wonderful supper. We had big, Porterhouse steaks, baked potatoes, and corn. The steaks were great. However, Diana baked a new bread, and I must say that it was the best bread that she has ever made. In fact, it was so good that I ate way too much, and this morning, that is, Christmas day, I ate the rest of the bread that was left over. We had wonderful conversation at supper, and talked about so many things. Just delightful conversation. I even took our picture, and then I took a picture of Diana's bread.

After supper we all went to our Church, Marietta First United Methodist Church, which is, of course, in Marietta, Georgia. I like going to Church on Christmas eve. We have a wonderful Choir, and there are always so many friends to see. Then, there are close friends who "ring the bells" to announce the good news of the season. I like the reading of the scripture, which is Luke 2:1-20. I like to hear the good news of Christ's birth. Then, I also like the Christmas eve service because we all light candles in the Sanctuary, and the church is ablaze with light. Just like in Genesis 1:3, when God created light, and "saw that the light was good." I enjoyed listening to Rev. Sam Matthews speak of the good news of Salvation that is close with with us always. In fact, against the admonition of my lovely wife, I took a picture of Rev. Matthews from where we sat in the Sanctuary.

When I got up this morning I heard on the TV News that "snow" was in the forecast. I really doubted that snow would come because it has been more than a hundred years since this has happened here in Marietta where we live. I went out to the Greenhouse, and re-potted several buckets of plants. I simply took plants that were in one-gallon buckets, and put them into two or three gallon buckets. I also hung more handing baskets from the ceiling of the Greenhouse. I must say that things are looking better; in another week I should have the Greenhouse fully ready for "spring." I am so anxious for spring, it can't come fast enough. I like seeing the new daylilies!

The day moved forward as I worked in the Greenhouse, and then around 11:30 a.m. it started to snow. In fact, it continued to snow until 7:30 p.m., and it is still lightly snowing. I walked back to the house, and snow was everywhere. As I walked through the garden I had my camera, as I usually do, and so I took a picture. You can see the snowflakes falling, and you can see that the roof of my barn is white. The fact that I like about snow in Marietta, is that it is beautiful for a day or two, and then it is gone. It doesn't stick around, and cause trouble.

Kelley and Jeff came over for afternoon lunch, and I took Kelley and Jeff's picture as they walked toward the door of the house. Kelley was thrilled with her new shoes that Jeff gave her for Christmas. I must say that the shoes are very different. Pink shoes. Pink tennis shoes. Kelley likes pink. Good choice Jeff! In fact, I thought that you might want a closer look at the shoes, so I took a "close-up" picture. So, the day is coming to an end. It is growing dark, and I'm now telling the story here on my blog. We hope that everyone has had the best Christmas ever, but we know that this is not reality. I think of others who are in combat, others who are lonely, and those with very little in housing, food or clothing. My prayers are for them, and although I am confident that my prayers are heard, I know that those with such great needs will continue to have these needs. Still we pray.

Come on 2011: I'm waiting for you!


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