Monday, December 13, 2010

Our Club's Christmas Party!

Hello Daylily Friends,

Well the planning has been ongoing for over a year, but the day of our Christmas Party has finally arrived. Under my former authority as Club President, it was our policy that there is no limit on the funding for our Christmas Party. We earned our income from each other, and from our public sales of daylilies. The purpose of our treasury is to support our Club, and so this is what we do at Christmas. Last Christmas our close friends, Glenn and Yvonne McKenney, agreed that they would host our 2010 Christmas Celebration. Glenn has sold Real Estate for years, and Glenn and Yvonne are fortunate to have twin grandsons living with them in their home. Wouldn't that be a Christmas for 365 days a year? On the way to the McKenney home we passed 12 Turkeys enjoying themselves along the side of the road; I had to take a picture. Then, at Glenn's home, I took Glenn's picture as he lit the Christmas Candle. I also took Yvonne's picture as she finished preparing Christmas Treats.

After enjoying the Shrimp, the Tenderloin, and the ham, the next experience was to enjoy the desserts. There were so many desserts! From several years of experience, I have decided that Cynthia's "Coconut Cake" is a can't miss delight. Cynthia prepares the cake from "scratch." Indeed, here at Christmas 2010, I can delightfully say that Cynthia has made the best Coconut Cake that I have ever had. In fact, the Coconut Cake was so good that Cynthia let me take a very large slice home for my dessert this evening. It was soooo good!

After Diana and I returned home I sat in my chair to watch the evening news, but after just a few minutes I was fast asleep. My lovely daughter, Kelley Rae, as I reported yesterday, gave me a "John Deere Quilt" for my birthday. I covered myself with my new quilt, and this is perhaps what propelled me to an evening nap. Or, perhaps it was all of the wonderful Christmas treats that I ate at Glenn and Yvonne's lovely home. When I later woke up I went upstairs and went to bed for the evening. What a wonderful night of blissful sleep.

This morning when I got up I saw that the temperature was a crisp 18 degrees. Now, I know that it is colder in Minnesota and Michigan, but here where I live in North Georgia, 18 degrees is about as cold as it gets. I took my heaviest coat and tobaggan hat and thick gloves, and proceeded to go and check my daylilies in the Greenhouse. On the way I noticed that the ground was so hard and stiff, and covered with snow and frost and ice. I took a picture to record the scene. Not good; however, it is all a prelude to spring. My only objection is that it is 18 degrees, but winter doesn't even start until December 21.

After looking over the garden I left to go practice law. When I came home I saw my cat Sammy carrying a large squirrel in his mouth. I immediately went over to get Sammy's picture with his squirrel, but he put the squirrel down and just purred over his accomplishment. He rubbed my leg and then he rubbed his head on the deck in delight over what he had done. This is why we have to monitor Sammy's conduct. He has a collar that he wears with a bell, but even this did not save the squirrel. Sammy is Q-U-I-C-K!

Well that is all the news for today. I must go and get under my John Deere Quilt.


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