Monday, January 17, 2011

Preparing for Georgia's Region 5 Spring Garden Tour

Hello Daylily Friends,

As you may all know, over the past week we have had nothing but snow and ice in North Georgia, and in particular, here in Cobb County, Georgia. Even though we had all of this snow and ice, I still went to work every day, and labored for my clients. On Friday evening, after most of the snow had melted, I nevertheless saw a "Snowman" in a yard that I passed on my way home. So, I stopped my truck and jumped out with my Canon camera, and took a picture. Just a wonderful Snowman that the sun had not yet affected. I thought you might like to see this snow giant.

On Saturday morning Diana and I got up early and went to David and Camilla's home for a meeting of our Officers who are working on their preparations for the Georgia Region 5 Summer Garden Tour. We were met by Camilla at her front door, and Camilla had a big, broad smile. I might add that Camilla is the newly elected "Regional Publicity Director" for Georgia's Region 5. Camilla gave myself and Diana a big hug, and then Diana and I both proceeded to Camilla's "Coffee Pot." There Diana found our friends, James and Terri Mullins. James and Terri have the responsibility for our "Judging Clinics" at the Hotel during the Garden Tour. Then, we saw Camilla's kitchen table where she had breakfast treats ready for everyone. I tried the muffins, and later went back to try the brownies. Oh so delicious! We had 17 members present for the meeting, and everyone was glad to get together. Seeing good friends who love daylilies, is a good way to begin to see the end of winter and better days ahead. I can't wait.

Speaking of better days ahead, I'm looking forward to seeing David lead our Cobb County Daylily Society into the new year. I know that David is a good leader because I see that he cares about the members of our Club, and puts their interests first, above his own. David also listens. Speaking of listening, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to our various Chairpersons speak about the preparations they are making for our Regional. I particularly liked listening to Doris Bishop talk about the "Mini Clinics" that she is preparing for Saturday afternoon. Doris is a Teacher and a wonderful leader in our Club.

Well I wanted to make this post yesterday, on Sunday, but I was working on updating my website to show our new introductions for 2011. As is obvious, I was unable to get this done. So, I was determined to do it this evening. My cat Sammy wanted his supper which I fixed for him, and then he wanted to go outside. So, I let him out. He was gone about 30 minutes, and he came to the back door. Diana said he looks like he has something in his mouth. Believe it or not, it was another large squirrel. Now Sammy is a hunter! This is the second squirrel that I have seen him subdue in the past two months. We love our little boy, Sammy.

Here is my question: Who will be person number 50 to become a "follower" of our blog. More news soon.



  1. Bill,

    Love the pictures of Sammy the cat's kills! Kyle and I most recently adopted a shelter cat we call Toonces. Cats are great companions. Excited to hear about the Pink Stripes conversions in your most recent email. I think it will open new doors in hybridizing. Someday I will have to attempt to do a conversion myself. For now I enjoy reading your blog and taking notes. Can't wait for spring. This gray Ohio weather is depressing at times.

  2. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for your note. I am hopeful that I can make headway with PINK STRIPES. Quite frankly, I am astonished at how the plant has grown in the Greenhouse. I'm sure that I have over a dozen besides the three that I'm drying for treatment. As for Sammy, he is the best cat, but he is not a "lap cat." He wants to stay on the move. I believe that if Sammy could stay awake all night that he could keep the deer under control.
    Right now Diana and I are in Milbank, South Dakota, and the temperature here is c-0-l-d! My brother in law Kevin even said, "It has warmed up to 1 below." He meant what he said as a serious comment, but I thought that it was indeed funny.

  3. Hi Bill, I have been following your blog for along time and just wanted to tell you what a joy it it to read...and see all the great photos. You have inspired me to start a blog of my own and just wanted to say thank you.


  4. Hi Darren,
    I'm glad that you are starting a "blog." This is good news. Blogs are fun when there is information to share, and I certainly like to communicate with the daylily world. Today, there have been over 70,000 entries into the blog, and I have received messages even from readers in Japan. The messages are written in Japanese, and I respond in English. I'm not sure that we know exactly what the other has said, but we know that we like the same subject. I'm so much looking forward to the spring, but I see that another snow storm is headed to Atlanta. I have to say that I've seen enough of the white stuff to last me for a long time. When I get back home I will make another post.