Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Snake in the Greenhouse

Hello Daylily Friends, This morning I went to the Greenhouse, and started to look at my blooms. I had about ten (10) seedlings blooming, but one in particular caught my attention. Just a beautiful red with a beautiful red eye. What really caught my attention was the round sepals. Just perfectly sitting there, not asking for attention, but certainly getting my full attention. I didn't give it a number, and I didn't pollenate it either. I just took its picture, and continued to walk through the Greenhouse. You will not believe what happened next. I saw a snake. Yes, a real long snake. A big snake. Now I don't go around trying to eliminate snakes from my garden. I know how helpful snakes can be. They do so much good, and I tend to leave them alone. However, a snake, good or bad, in your Greenhouse is like a snake in your bedroom. It just can't be tolerated. Believe me, I would have just picked him up and put him outside, but he looked too big for me to just handle with my hands. Besides, I couldn't tell if he was poisonous. So, I quitely left the Greenhouse, and went to my barn to get my straight edged shovel that has a sharp edge. I went back into the Greenhouse, and fortunately, the snake had not moved. I positioned myself where the snake could not see me, and I thrust the shovel at his midsection. Like I say, I regret that I had to kill the snake, but you would have done the same thing if you caught him in your Greenhouse. My dear wife Diana Rae has been growing her tomatoes from seed. They are now quite large, and are ready for planting outside. I have been so surprised at our weather this past March. We basically went an entire month with just one night where there were freezing temperatures. The freeze was basically only for a few hours very early in the morning. I can't remember a time when we've gone the entire month of March without more freezing weather. I would think that Diana can plant her tomatoes in about another 5 to 7 days. I can already taste those tomato sandwiches. Bill

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