Thursday, June 2, 2011

Randy Comes "Running"!

Hello Daylily Friends,
I have been wanting to take a good picture of Seedling 1-409, and I finally got this accomplished.  Here is what she looks like.  A very interesting cross.  The parents are as follows:  (Varsity Orange x Tet. Spalding Memories).  1-409 is 24" tall, and the flower sits well above the foilage.  It has three and four way branching, with a six inch flower.  There are 19 buds.  I may introduce this beauty this year.  It is a different type of color, and I haven't decided how to describe these colors.

Then, I had a new yellow to bloom.  Actually, today's bloom is the fourth bloom.  When Seedling 1-342 first bloomed it was after we had an awful week of very cold weather.  This caused 1-342's sepals to be a little unsightly.  Actually, the sepals are still somewhat unattractive, but I believe that anyone could agree that 1-342 is just about as perfect as it can be.  The cross is very unusual.  I particularly like having Tet. Emerals Splendor as part of the parentage.  The second fact that I like is that 1-342 is 30" tall and has a 7 1/2" flower.  There is 3-4 way branching, and 16 buds.  Just about the perfect number of buds for such a large, large beauty.

I was going about my work this morning, and I almost missed seeing one of my very best accomplishments.  A "really big" accomplishment!  When I saw it I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  Very, very tall scape; in fact, it is 33 inches tall.  The flower is a big pink, and is 7" in diameter.  The branching is almost perfect; 4-way branching.  There are 31 buds.  Here is an important fact: Seedling 11-264 is "dormant."  I really like its large, thick scape.  I am not saying that the flower is the best bloom that I have seen, but its dormancy and height and branching and size, make this flower a really important addition to the garden.  I expect 11-264 to be a great parent.

I was so pleased when I saw 11-264 that I called Diana, but she didn't answer.  I kept calling her, and then to my surprise, I saw Randy our wonderful turtle coming to see 11-264.  I haven't seen Randy this past winter, but I could tell that he has grown quite a bit.  I know that Randy will be keeping a "close check" on Diana's tomatoes.  It is good to have Randy in the garden.

Daylily Gardening is fun.



  1. Hi Bill
    Beautifull daylilies as always! My favourite is 1-409, I especially like the plum eye and the thin picotee edge. And as always I enjoy your blog!

  2. Christiaan thanks so much for your note. I also enjoy seeing the blooms on 1-409. So different, but yet a "mature" bloom. I'm looking forward to going outside this morning to see what is "new" for today!