Friday, July 15, 2011

Do You Want to Know a Secret?

Good Morning Daylily Friends,

Well, finally, we had some rain last night.  Not much rain, but any amount of rain is helpful.  It has been so hot, but the rain has reduced the temperatures.  So, notwithstanding the heat, and with the help of last night's rain, I have continued working in the garden trying to get it ready for 2012.  As I have done this I have continued to see "new blooms" on the seedlings that I haven't seen before. One such bloom is from Seedling 11-315.  The cross is as follows: [(Diana's Evening Gown x Judy Farquhar) x (Grace 578 Seedling x Tet. Connie Burton)].  The height of the scape is 25" inches which is very, very good considering that the pollen parent was so short.  Also, there was/is 4-way branching with 17 buds.  The flower is 6 1/2" in diameter.  The best thing about 11-315 is its beautiful yellow color with that astonishing edge.  This is just a beauty that I believe many friends will want to ultimately have growing in their gardens.  I took two pictures so that 11-315 could be seen from two different angles.

I was also surprised two days ago when I first saw a bloom on Seedling 11-317.  I am comitted to growing "better red" daylilies, and 11-317 is evidence that I am making progress.  When that Great Hybridizer, Pat Stamile, put WALTER KENNEDY on the market I immediately liked the flower, but I wasn't really convinced that it would produce a better flower.  I crossed WALTER KENNEDY with my 8-244 seedling, and the result was 11-317.  How delighted I am with the result.  This particular seedling was planted outside in the ground last year on September 30, 2010, and in a little over 10 months, it has produced a scape that is now 24" tall with 4-way branching.  I know that 11-317 will grow to an even greater height.  I counted 18 buds, and measured the flower as being 5 3/4".  Seedling 11-317 has a real future, and will immediately enter my hybridizing work this coming spring.  As I indicated, I took one picture on July 13, and the second picture was taken this morning, July 15, after the rain.

I would also add that there is more information about the pollen parent, Seedling 8-244, on the post that I made on June 30, 2011.  I will introduce 8-244 during the spring of 2012.

To continue my morning report, I must say that I have been so, so surprised at the beauty of new blooms from having used Ted Preuss' introduction, BLUEGRASS MEMORIES.  If anyone is trying to produce new seedlings, and you do not have BLUEGRASS MEMORIES, then I would suggest that you consider acquiring BLUEGRASS MEMORIES to use in your program.  Here is a picture of my new bloom on Seedling 11-304, and the cross is as follows: [(Shirley Anne McCord x Marietta Heartbeat) x Bluegrass Memories].  I like the slate blue and grey color of the eye and edges on 11-304.  I like the clean color.  I see a future for 11-304.

I have worked harder than anyone would know trying to create better orange daylilies.  I purchased TET. TERRY LYNINGER from that Great Hybridizer, Pat Stamile, and my Seedling 1-301 is the best that I have produced using Pat's conversion.  The cross was as follows: (Varsity Orange x Tet. Terry Lyninger).  My VARSITY ORANGE does not have an "eye."  So, it was more difficult to produce a good daylily using TET. TERRY LYNINGER, but VARSITY ORANGE was the best daylily that I have seen with good height and branching that is also a dormant.  Now that I have 1-301, I have the opportunity to add edges, to improve the eye, and to use to pass along the good height and branching to other seedlings.  1-301 is 30" tall, with 4-way branching, 24 buds, and a 5 3/4" flower.

This news about these new seedlings should perhaps be kept a secret.  However, I just can't keep a secret about good  news.  So, I'm showing what I am seeing.



  1. A friend just informed me of your site and I am extremely impressed! I am experiencing the first results of 'goofing around' crossing daylilies in my yard. I'm just doing it for fun but I do enjoy daylilies a lot. The red one you've pictured here literally knocks my socks off... this is exciting stuff!! Just had to become a follower and looking forward to studying your archives... Larry

  2. Hi Larry,
    I'm so pleased that you have posted your comment. When I first saw Seedling 11-317 (the red daylily), I was also overwhelmed. I am very pleased with this bloom, and in my humble opinion, this particular post perhaps shows the best of my work to date. I had been surprised that no one posted a comment, so your comment is most welcome. You will enjoy reading the archives. There is much to read that you may find to be helpful.