Monday, July 4, 2011

July the 4th!

Hello Daylily Friends,

I went to a celebration of our Nation's birthday where there was a birthday cake with the icing reading, most appropriately, as follows:  Happy Birthday America!  It is indeed a glorious national birthday when we can celebrate by saying anything we want, eating what we want, and where the celebrants wear those wonderful, nostalgic costumes from the1700s.  Diana and I went up to the Marietta Square to see what was happening on this special day.  There were flags everywhere.  Indeed, there were so many flags that I somewhat felt the need for a constant, military salute. 

 They were selling sausages, hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream, funnel cakes, and anything else that you might think of that you would want at a party.  Diana finally decided to purchase a "funnel cake," and I decided to have some home made peach ice cream. We walked all over the City Square, quite pleased that we can celebrate this day when our Declaration of Independence was signed back in 1776.  Today, in our world, other countries talk about gaining independence from their rulers, but not many want to take up arms, defend their homes, and commit all that they have to bring about the change they say they want.  As Americans, we just have to be proud that our forefathers did what they had to do to make us an independent people.

I must say that July the 4th would not be complete without the bloom of a heretofore unseen, daylily.  Early this morning, I did not walk a row in the garden because I believed that I had seen all that was going to bloom in that particular row.  It was not until about 11:00 a.m. when I saw Seedling 11-309 blooming in that row.  Oh what a beauty!  It is a cross between the following: (Wild Hair x Malcolm David Booker, Senior).  It is dormant, and it is 24" tall.  There is 3-way branching, 18 buds, and a 5 1/4" flower.  I can use this cross to keep working on producing teeth in my introductions.

I should also note that Diana and I did not go to the Marietta Square this evening to see the fireworks.  It rained.  We love the rain, but we didn't want to sit in the rain to see the show.  So, we decided to stay home.  It has been a great national holiday, but tomorrow morning I must go to the office to go to work.

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