Monday, July 18, 2011

Potential New Introductions; Seedling 8-237 and 7-225.

Good Morning Daylily Friends,

I keep thinking that I will not see anymore good blooms, and then I am surprised.  Today I looked again at Seedling 8-237 (Leslie Renee x Angels Gather Around).  The edges are what make me keep looking at this seedling.  I kept several plants from back when I made IRISH HALO, and 8-237 is one of those plants.  I must say that the many Leslie Renee x Angels Gather Around crosses are some of the best crosses that I have ever made.  Both parents are nice daylilies, but I have to give a considerable edge to Angels Gather Around.  This is the first summer when I have seen it at full strength, and it just is a fine, fine daylily. Leslie Renee is also a fine daylily.  Both have added considerably to my program.  The measurements on 8-237 are very nice: 27" tall, nice 4-way branching, 19 buds, and a 5" flower.  It is a semi-evergreen, and it grows very well here in north Georgia.

Another yellow daylily that I have admired is Seedling 7-225 [Angels Gather Around x (Within the Veil x Tet. Love's Purest Light)].  This beautiful daylily is 34" tall, with astonishing 5-7 way branching, 32 buds, and a 5 1/2" flower.  It also is a semi-evergreen, and it also grows very well here in north Georgia.  It makes me think of the old Stella de Oro because it blooms all the time.  Yes, it has astonishing branching, but it just keeps throwing up new scapes.  Right now, on several of 7-225 seedlings, I am growing scape number four.  I have not done anything with either 8-237 or with 7-225 because of the old refrain about yellow daylilies.  Well, I have decided that the old refrain is just that: an old refrain.  In my humble opinion, the truth is that people who love daylilies, started liking daylilies, because of yellow daylilies.  You can quote me on this Monday morning point of insight.  Here is a second picture showing 7-225 with some of its branching.

Well Diana is visiting with her mother in Milbank, South Dakota.  She will return home this evening, and I will be so glad to have her back.  For one thing I just miss her, and I'm supposed to be watering her plants.  I keep finding that she has new plants almost everywhere that I haven't watered as I should have done.  Also, Diana keeps the house just spotless.  Notwithstanding my military training; I'm not in Diana's league of first class housekeeping duties.  And none of this counts the wonderful meals she cooks.  Tonight will be a wonderful evening here at 310 McDaniel Road.



  1. Hi again Bill... these are really spectacular... remind me of some that an acquaintance north of Green Bay, Wisconsin has come up with... I can only afford his "seconds" but they are beautiful in their own right. I think the semi-evergreens do fairly well here in Wisconsin... seems like I've had some. Are any of your hybrids dormants?

    I collect all kinds of plants from conifers to magnolias here on my central Wisconsin two acres of gardens, but to me daylilies say summer! Did you say if you sold any of your plants... have a catalog, or whatever?

    I hope you enjoy a great reunion tonight and I'm really glad to have found your blog...

  2. Sorry Bill... just saw your response regarding sales on the previous post... thank you for the info! Larry

  3. Hi Larry,
    Many of our introductions are dormants. In fact, if you purchase a daylily from our garden you can be 98.98% sure that it will grow for you. The reason is that all of our daylilies survive the north Georgia winters, and here it gets really cold. Not as cold as Wisconsin, but cold nevertheless. Glad that you received the sales information, and you can also look over our daylilies on our website, Thanks for your note of encouragement!

  4. Bill,

    Wow, I sure love that toothy green edge seedling! Is it a sib to Emerald Lace? I've been fortunate to use Angels Gather Round for the past couple of years, and am just starting to see the first crosses bloom this summer. Can you comment on some of the other Larry Grace daylilies you use in your hybridizing program. This year I bought Larry's new intro Full of treasure. It is the greenest toothiest thing I grow. I have really enjoyed putting it on both the green edged daylilies and the toothy daylilies. Love to hear any feedback. Love the yellow seedling as well. It was a yellow daylily that got me hooked on daylilies as well. My grandmother had several clumps of Hyperion growing in her garden and I just loved them. That's how it all started probably 20 years ago for me. Great read.

  5. Hi Paul,
    Glad to report that I have collected seeds from A. D. LEWIS. I should be able to plants these soon.
    I have not grown Larry's FULL OF TREASURE, but anything purchased from Larry is a great investment. Even Wall Street can't beat the financial benefit of owning a Larry Grace daylily.
    I am now committed to being ready to "stand-up-for" yellow daylilies with anyone who objects to yellow daylilies. Yellow daylilies do not melt. They stand the sun better than practically any other color. They catch your attention quicker. They are more beautiful in the garden. Your Grandmother knew this, and you are very blessed that she introduced you to daylilies.
    Your friend,