Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Wonderful Sunday Afternoon

Hello Daylily Friends,
Just returned from Church a few hours ago, and to our wonderful surprise, our daughter Kelley Rae and our adorable granddaughter, Lily Rae, were here to visit with us.  We were so glad.  Little Lily Rae is so beautiful.  Kelley had put Lily Rae into the "Playard," and she was asleep.  We just stood and admired Lily Rae because she is so gorgeous.  In a few minutes she was awake.  I've just got to show you a picture of Little Lily Rae smiling on this wonderful Sunday afternoon.  Now, I would ask, have you ever seen a more beautiful face?

I can also note that we are now ready for the deep fall and for winter with our seedlings.  First I want you to see the seedlings that are growing in the Greenhouse.  There are only about 650 plants growing in one-gallon containers.  These were selected with considerable thought because I believe that these 650 daylilies are the best of what we have.  The other seedlings are all planted outside.  Another daylily devotee might say to me, "Well Bill, you don't have many seedlings."  I can only respond in the words that I recall from my good friend Larry Grace" "It isn't how many you grow; it is only a question of the parents that you used."  My friend Larry is correct.  If I had 10,000 seeds using RED VOLUNTEER and ORANGE VELVET as parents, it wouldn't matter.  I would not make any progress.  Progress is made using advances in hybridizing, and using converted plants.  It is so good to look at the seedlings everyday and see them growing.  It is a pleasure to look ahead to next April, and think about the new daylilies that will bloom.

Do you want to see a new daylily that will be introduced this coming spring?  Well, here it is:  KENNESAW HORIZON.  It is 29" tall with 3-way branching, 21 buds, and a 5 1/2" flower.  It is semi-evergreen, and it is a bi-tone.  The petals are coral in color, with perhaps some pink highlights, and then the sepals are a much lighter shade of coral.  The difference in the color of the petals and sepals is very noticeable.  There is carving on the face of the petals, and there is a wonderful, lemon colored edge on the petals, with some teeth, and a few tubular projections.  Just a wonderful flower in the garden.  Very noticeable.  The cost for this creation will be only $100.00.

More news very soon.


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