Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sammy is Alert to "Fall Colors"!

Hello Daylily Friends,

Walked outside this morning, and my cat Sammy was sitting on the deck.  He seemed to be looking at our beautiful Maple tree in our back yard with its glorious yellow and gold leaves.  We sometimes think of other places to visit to see fall colors, rather than where we live, but really, we don't usually need to go anywhere.  Right here at home the fall colors are just amazing.  I planted this particular Maple tree on Kelley Rae's 16th birthday.  It has been beautiful at every time of the year: spring, summer, winter and fall.  I need to clean up the accumulation of fall leaves in the yard, but I will probably wait until even more leaves fall. 

I took a trip to Wood-Tech, LLC, to purchase several truck loads of soil.  The particular soil that I purchased was "organic planting mix." The cost was only $50.88 per pick-up truck load.  I'm showing several pictures.  You can see where the soil was being made, and you can also see the loader that was used to move and load the dirt.  Wood-Tech is located in Ball Ground, Georgia, and they not only have different types of soil for sale, they also sell many different types of "mulch products."

Even though I had a truck load of soil, I stopped by Griffin Greenhouse & Nursery Supplies to purchase more fertilizer and some Banner-Maxx chemical.  I took a picture of Jerry removing the fertilizer from the warehouse shelf.  I then had Jerry load it into the middle of my truck for better weight distribution.  It is about a 45 minute drive from my house to Wood-Tech and Griffin, and these two companies are only about a mile from each other.  The fertilizer that I purchased was Florikan 16-4-9, which is a slow release fertilizer that releases over 270 days at a temperature of 70 degrees.  Each 50 pound bag costs $71.00.  Quite an expense, but this fertilizer is absolutely necessary in order to grow "first class" daylilies.

My eighth and last introduction for the Spring of 2012 will be my MARIETTA MELON.  The cross is as follows:  (Leslie Renee x Kennesaw Mountain Hayride).  I must say that MARIETTA MELON is the best daylily that I have grown when using KENNESAW MOUNTAIN HAYRIDE as one of the parents.  MARIETTA MELON is 33" tall with 3-way branching, 14 buds, and a 6" flower.  What I particularly like about this flower is its deep pink color, and the fact that it is so "flat."  The sepals are very wide, the green throat helps intensify the pink color, and it is pod and pollen fertile.  The cost for MARIETTA MELON is $100.00.

More news soon.



  1. B,

    You can't put a price on good dirt, can you? It's funny....all these years of daylily hybridizing has probably made me a better farmer and one who appreciates good top soil. Ya know the one problem I have with soil additives and mulch is occasionally I get nut grass. Do you get any of that in Georgia? I seem to pull out so much of it every year and it just comes back stronger. Round up won't kill it and I am searching for something that does. Maybe one of the many people who are on your blog can offer some advice. Hope all is well with you, Diana, and the rest of the family. Especially Lily.

  2. Hi Paul,

    I see that you have a blog which I will read very shortly. Your plants are doing very well in my Greenhouse.

    I have been out of town over the past four days in Washington, D.C. We went there to speak to the Northern virginia Daylily Society. We had such a wonderful adventure. I am going to write about it in just a few minutes.

    Oh yes, we do get nut grass. We get every kind of weed, but we usually keep them under control. It is truly a chore controlling weeds, but the reward of a beautiful garden makes it all worthwhile.

    Lily Rae is doing very well!