Saturday, June 30, 2012

Surprises and Friends

Hello Daylily Friends,

Little Lily Rae was over this morning, and we went walking in the garden.  Diana was clearing some weeds from one of the rows near the Greenhouse, and then there was the "surprise."  Diana called me, and we were delighted to meet Randy III.  He was the smallest little box turtle.  I took several pictures, then I picked him up and showed him to Little Lily Rae.  She was puzzled, but now she has seen her first box turtle.

This past Saturday we had so many friends come by the Garden.  We worked very hard selling plants to everyone even though we are well past the end of our blooming season.  In fact, we sold more plants on Saturday than we ever have sold before on any sale day.  We had visitors from Minnesota, Arkansas and Tennessee, and many, many friends from this across this County and all across Georgia.  One of our friends was John Antonetti from Benton, Arkansas. (picture on the right).

Another new friend, who also reads my blog, is Robert Coyle from  Preston, Minnesota.  He came to Athens to visit with his son and his son's fiancee.  Then, they drove over here to Marietta from Athens.  We were so pleased to meet Bob and his family. 

Then, yesterday, our friend Elaine Shultz, from Troy, Michigan, came by the Garden.  She picked up KENNESAW MOUNTAIN HAYRIDE.  Fortunately I was able to give her the two fans that I was holding for her for the past 6 weeks.  We walked all across the garden and there was much to see, even though many plants were bloomed out, and even though we had sold so many plants this past Saturday.  I hope the HAYRIDE grows as well for Elaine in Michigan as it has here in our Garden.

I have to tell you a quick story.  About five years ago I selected a seedling just because I liked the color of the flower.  It had a yellow self with a plum colored eye and edge.  I did not keep a record of the names of the parents, and I simply had it identified as S-89.  Then, this spring I again liked the flowers, but alas it was too short.  Then, about two weeks ago, it began sending up rebloom scapes that were just wonderful.  I took a picture of one of the scapes last week, and the height was 23 inches with 5-way branching.  Then, it grew to 24 inches in height, and today I took a picture of the flower.  In view of the new statistics, I will probably introduce this flower during 2014.  I now identify it as Seedling 2-475 (S-89).

Another surprise that I've had is with Seedling 8-241.  The first year that it bloomed it grew over the winter under the cover of plastic.  It was tall and beautiful.  However, since then it has been "short."  Too short.  Over the past 10 days I have noticed that it is sending up "rebloom" scapes with much better measurements.  It is 24" tall with 4-way branching, 27 buds, and a 7" flower.  It has truly a beautiful flower, and I'm pleased that I'm having good success growing 7" flowers.  I am just so excited about 8-241 that I am considering using it in the Greenhouse this coming spring to make seeds. 

Got time for one more surprise?  Back on June 8, 2011, I posted a picture of Seedling 11-270.  It was a lovely "blue-eyed" bloom, but alas, it was immature.  So, this past winter I grew it outside.   Unfortunately, as you know, we really didn't have a winter.  As a consequence the initial scape and blooms on 11-270 were short.  Needless to say I was disappointed.  Then, this past week, there was a rebloom scape and the height of the scape was 30 inches.  There was clearly 3-way branching with 18 buds.  The flower was 5" in diameter.  I'm  showing a picture of the bloom.  Just such good news.  I will definitely use 11-270 next spring to make seeds.

Next spring, with a real winter, I would hope that the blooms and branching on 2-475 (S-89), 8-241, and 11-270 will all be even more beautiful and attractive to the members of AHS.



  1. bill,

    I knew you must be busy! It's always great to read your blog. My personal favorite of the seedlings is the blue eyed Bluegrass Memory seedling, but I do favor the blue eyed seedlings more than others. Hope all is well with you, Diana, and the family.

  2. Bill, nice to see another update. As you know I have been very interested in your Tet Orange Velvet project. Any updates on new seedlings? Thanks Marlon

  3. Hi Paul and Marlon,

    I am so pleased to hear from you both! When I write a new blog I often check for comments, and when there are none I am disappointed. Then, tonight, both of you have posted.

    Paul, as to Seedling 11-270, I have a new scape that has 4-way branching. It is so good to see even a better result than the one that I posted on the blog. I am convinced that 11-270 will be an outstanding new daylily.

    And, Marlon, I have potted 33 seedlings of BLAZING CANNONS. I am definitely going to release it this coming fall. It is such a wonderful red, and I can't wait until others grow it and evaluate it in their gardens.

    As to new seedlings, I didn't get many new blooms this spring from things planted last fall. So, everything from the Greenhouse was planted outside. I am particularly interested in the white flowers. I'm also interested in the Tet. Orange Velvet seedlings, particularly because they have so much branching, height and bud count. They are slow to grow, however.

    I also have a lovely red flower that is about 4.25" in diameter. Grows very, very well. It has the greenest throat. I'm so pleased, but alas, I didn't take a picture.

    Well, again, I'm so glad to hear from you both.


  4. Bill, So glad to hear Blazing Cannons is increasing very well. Our bloom is really slowing down here and many are probably done for the year. There are a few that still have rebloom scapes coming but not very many. The heat has really picked up here with last Saturday the actual high temp was 106 and heat index a blistering 121! Neither I or the daylilies can stand much of that. Hope to see you next week in Columbus if you are attending? I'm proud of our club as we have 14 that have registered to go. I'm sure you don't remember meeting him but Don Albers from our club will not be able to attend due to an illness. He is also battling cancer that is in remission at this time. Don loves daylilies and has been hybridizing and introducing plants for 40 years. Remember Don in your prayers.

    Hope to see you soon


  5. Hi Marlon,

    Diana and I will be praying for Don. Cancer is such a harsh reality, and nothing but bad. And yes, Diana and I are going to the National. Look forward to seeing you there. Here, I'm having to work through this scorching heat because it must be done to have good seedling blooms next spring. The labor is heavy and intensive. I'm too old to do this work, but I've got to see the best next spring.

    We will indeed see you soon!