Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Hello Daylily Friends,

I have so much enjoyed Christmas.  For personal reasons I had not thought that this would be a good holiday, but the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives is strong.  I suppose that what I liked the most this Christmas was going to the Children's service at Church.  We took Little Lily Rae, and we all watched a children's play about the birth of Christ.  We sang songs, greeted friends, the Pastor greeted Lily Rae, and we all three just had a wonderful "Church Adventure."  I am sure that Little Lily Rae likes Church: she smiles at everyone, and she got particularly excited when she saw her Music Teacher, Ms. Arie.  I also have to say that notwithstanding all of the gifts received by Lily Rae, she still particularly favors her book about the "Wheels on the Bus."  It is a song that the children sing in Music Class, and I read the book to Lily Rae by actually singing the song.

I have to also tell you about our friends Camilla and David.  We are so blessed to have such good friends.  They came over to the house on Christmas Eve, and David brought me two, new Kobalt wrenches, and a wonderful "Smoked Salmon" that he cooked on his Smoker. We talked about everything, and it was just so good to be with friends.  I took two pictures.  The first picture is of Diana Rae with Camilla and David and the Salmon.  The next picture was just of the Salmon.  Soon, Little Lily Rae woke up from her afternoon nap, and she greeted all of us with her wonderful smile.

I have to also tell you that we were privileged to have Jeff and Karen Pansing, and their young son Frederick, to come and also visit.  We walked through both Greenhouses, and then all across the gardens.  I was showing them the new seedlings that we are growing, as well as our 2013 introductions.  Jeff really liked BLAZING CANNONS and DIANA'S IRISH DREAM. 

Out in the garden I am particularly excited about two new plants that I haven't seen bloom.  The first looks like a dormant even though it has not totally receded.  It looks so strong.  There are five fans, and it hasn't been bothered by our cold weather at all.  The cross is as follows:  [(Kennesaw Mountain Hayride x Tet. Orange Velvet) x Seedling].  The other cross is just one big fan, and it was created by using TET. DREAMWORLD which is a dormant.   I know that it must be odd for a Hybridizer to get excited about just looking at fans that haven't bloomed, but that's just the way it is in my head.

I have to also tell you about the Greenhouse.  The plants out there are growing so fast that I can sit in my chair and believe that I'm actually seeing them grow.  The seedlings are of such good size, and the other, established plants, are so sturdy.  It is just good to see such a wonderful result from growing daylilies from new seeds.  I've even seen a scape growing on SAWYER'S GIGGLES.  I'm going to let it grow.

On the afternoon of Christmas Day, Diana Rae and Kelley Rae and myself all sat down to enjoy a tremendous dinner.  Diana Rae is such a grand chef.  She cooked a Turkey along with mashed potatoes and shoe peg corn.  There were homemade biscuits, and lots of pumpkin pie.  We just were so thankful for all of our blessings, and particularly for Little Lily Rae.

The eternal presence of Jesus Christ in our lives, a great Church, a beautiful wife, a lovely daughter and granddaughter, good friends, wonderful gardens and wonderful daylilies, and a new growing season coming in just three months.  And did I mention my sleeping cat, Sammy?  I love life!



  1. Bill

    Here you speak of your 2013 introductions. Am I missing seeing them somewhere?

    Dale Sherman

  2. Yes Dale, I have been so remiss. I actually wrote the plant descriptions a few days ago, and Diana is now working on a one page listing. I have already reserved the names, and so the registration should take place tomorrow to save money on the registration cost. I'll get the pictures published within the next week.

    Many thanks for your important note!


  3. Thanks Bill. Always interested in seeing yours. Dale