Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First Bloom of 2013: SAWYER'S GIGGLES!

Hello Daylily Friends,

Here is my question of the morning: Who else has had a bloom so far here in the month of January, 2013?  My hand is raised!  I've just had a beautiful bloom on Herbie Phelps' SAWYER'S GIGGLES.  I've been watching the plant and I knew that a bloom was coming, but still I was surprised to see it this early.  Just a wonderful bloom.  I also have to tell you about a scape that I have growing on Seedling 11-293.  To see a picture of the flower you could go back to my post on June 23, 2011.  It is good to have a Greenhouse.

I must also tell you that Diana and I had a wonderful week-end attending the Region 10 Mid-Winter Symposium in Nashville, Tennessee.  There were so many interesting speakers including Ms. Cindy Dye from North Carolina.  Her presentation included an in-depth discussion of the condition O.D.D., that is, people having "Obsessive Daylily Disorder."  Diana and I certainly admit that we have this condition.  I also enjoyed listening to our friend, Nikki Schmith.  She has so much excitement when she speaks.  I listened to everything.  I particularly liked her review of our last 5 AHS National Conventions.  Then Curt Hansen was interesting.  He is obviously  very bright and he likes things that would be unusual to most other people like his head scarf that he wore when he spoke.  And didn't Curt Hansen win the Stout Medal for his introduction of PRIMAL SCREAM?  He never even mentioned this; I sure would have.  I also liked listening to Dr. Jonathan Poulton who spoke about creating the "blue daylily."  If only I had the scientific knowledge, I would do it myself.  There were so many really outstanding speakers, but I didn't take but just a few pictures.

I would be remiss if I didn't tell you about Little Lily Rae.  She went to Wednesday night Church Supper with her Mother and Grandmother.  Then Pastor Sam Matthews came by, just to speak to Little Lily Rae.  Pastor Sam "Baptized" Lily Rae when she was about 9 months.  So, Lily Rae had to introduce her favorite possession, "Elmo," to Pastor Sam.  As you can see from Pastor Sam's expression, he was glad to make the acquaintance.



  1. What a great picture of Lily, Elmo, and Sam! Love love love!!!

  2. Thanks Kelley Rae. That Little Lily Rae is the best!

    Love Dad

  3. Bill,

    Lucky you with a bloom in January. Nice eye on Sawyers's Giggles. So, you got to hear my old neighbor and good friend Curt Hanson speak. Curt is a really good guy and has some really great insight into hybridizing. He did win the stout for Primal Scream. He might not have mentioned it because he was more interested in sharing his views. I do remember the year he won it. I remember him bringing out the award to show me. It was really cool. The ultimate award for a daylily. Anyway, love seeing blooms in January. Keep posting pics. We have about a foot of lake effect snow as I am writing this. Not fun. Single digit temps too.

  4. Hi Paul,

    Regret your experience with the cold and snow. I'm just grateful for temperatures at night in the 20's. This helps the daylilies rest for this coming spring.

    I think Curt Hansen is unusual. Smart person. So many interests. His names for daylilies that have to do with women's garments. His affection for stones and for strange environments. And anyone who can win a Stout in Ohio has really mastered the subject of daylilies.

    I pollenated SAWYER'S GIGGLES with frozen pollen from TET. ELOQUENTLY EDGED.

    Thanks for your note!