Monday, March 25, 2013

Our Website is "Back -on-Line."

Hello Daylily Friends,

Today is a wonderful day.  Thanks to the tireless efforts of my beautiful wife, Diana Rae, we now own the domain name, "Kennesaw Mountain Daylily Gardens."  Bobby Baxter does not own the name because my wife proved to, by indisputable evidence, that we alone have always owned the name.  Indeed, I created the name back when we first purchased Colchicine from Sigma-Aldrich in St. Louis, Missouri.  This was long before we had a website. Also, I had the name posted with the Georgia Secretary of Agriculture before we had a website.  We even paid a license fee, using the name of our garden, to the Secretary of Agriculture.  We're just glad that this is all over, that we again have our website, and that our friends can again see our daylilies.

On to a more interesting topic.  Last spring I made a number of crosses between RED SAPPHIRE and RED TOP MOUNTAIN.  So far I have seen at least a dozen new blooms, but I haven't yet achieved what I think that I wanted to accomplish.  However, with daylilies there are always surprises.  There were two surprises this morning.  Seedling 3-310 had a green throat, with an impressive pink eye, surrounded by a light pink self.  Seedling 3-311 had a green throat, a light pink eye, and a yellow self.  Both daylilies promise to be helpful in my hybridizing, so they both received numbers.

It is so exciting to be selecting seedlings and hybridizing again.



  1. Hi Bill,
    would you add a link to your website please ?
    Thanks for showing your beautifuls daylilies.

    Fab from France :-)

  2. Hi Fab,

    Good to hear from you all the way from France. Here is the website address:

    You may have to copy and paste the website.

    Thanks for your note!


  3. Hi Bill,
    Love seeing the new seedlings! Would really like to see seedling 3-311 as it matures. I think that it would go well with my Stoke the Fire and possibly produce some kids with red teeth.
    Keep it up
    Josh Jaues

  4. Hi Josh,

    Well it took me several looks at 3-311 before I decided to keep it, but those colors are so attractive together. Do I have STOKE THE FIRE?


  5. B,

    So glad you got your website back up and hats off to Diana for perservering and getting what rightfully belongs to you folks.

  6. Thanks Paul. It is a "good thing" to have a determined wife!

  7. Hi Bill,
    Has 3-311 continued to have nice blooms?