Saturday, April 27, 2013

Daylilies on Saturday in April.

Hello Daylily Friends,

I've just got to show two pictures of one of my newly selected seedlings.  It is Seedling 3-379, and the parentage is as follows:  ((11-201 x 1-414) x 1-414).  To actually look at the parents you could go back, and review my blog entries made on March 10 and 24, 2012.  I'm not sure about the color of 3-379.  Sometimes it looks lavender, but then I know that this is probably not accurate, and Diana says that it is perhaps a blend of violet and blue.  What are your thoughts about the color?  I would be appreciative if you
would write a note below and record your thoughts.  One point of emphasis about 3-379 is that it has a chartreuse edge.  I should also mention that it is 34" tall, it has 7-way branching, with 38 buds, and the flower measures 6 inches.  I have been crossing 3-379 with TET. ROSE F. KENNEDY.  In fact, I am so fortunate to be able to use TET. ROSE F. KENNEDY.  It was converted by my friend Larry Grace, and Larry has allowed me to use the plant.  Thanks Larry!

Well, today is Saturday morning.  I got up early this morning, and promptly went to clean the Greenhouse.  Removed all of the old buds, looked for new blooms, and considered what had to be done to take advantage of the day.  I had to hurry because we were to meet our friends, Don and Judy Bodner, and we worked together for our Club at the "Jonquil Festival" in Smyrna, Georgia.  We worked from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m., and then we were relieved by other Club members.  Our friend, Gene McCord, was in charge of our presence as well as our plant sale at the Jonquil Festival.  After we all arrived we were soon very, very busy with lots of customers.  People were just glad to see us there.  I can say this with confidence:  Those two young men who bombed the Boston Marathon wouldn't have done what they did if they had been members of a Daylily Club.  Instead, they would have had friends, and plenty of activities to keep them busy.  The whole horrible conduct in Boston was just bad.

On a more positive note, after
working at the Festival Diana and I, and Judy and Don, all had lunch together at a "German Bakery."  I had the special: two hot dogs and warm potato salad.  I was told that the hot dogs were actually wienerschnitzel, which is said to be better than hot dogs.  I must say the wienerschnitzel was mighty tasty.  After lunch we all came here to our house, and looked over the crop of daylilies in the Greenhouse.  My new Seedling 3-392, was the star of the afternoon.  Again, it is a cross between the following parents:  (Buzz Saw Boogie x Tet. Sunglasses Needed).  3-392 is the same cross as Seedling 3-374, which I just presented on my last post.  Tomorrow a third sister daylily will bloom from this same cross.

Well, a little later in the afternoon,
my friend Kenny Shively came by to also look at the Greenhouse daylilies.  Kenny came to visit a friend, and we were glad that he stopped by to say hello.  Kenny is from Rineyville, Kentucky, and really enjoys daylilies.  One of the daylilies that Kenny particularly liked was a cross that created an orange beauty.  So, we had our picture taken just in front of this daylily.  Then, I remembered my friend, John Wagner, who sent me an e-mail after I posted the 9" flower that is Seedling 3-374.  John pointed out that I could just put a ruler in front of the flower, and show for certain whether it was 9".  So, I put my ruler in front of 3-392, and Kenny took the picture to show for certain that 3-392 is also 9".  Thanks Kenny for helping me with the ruler measurement.

One other notable daylily that bloomed is Seedling 3-390.  It is like Seedling 3-347, that I showed on April 15, 2013, in that both daylilies have pleats on the "petals."  The common parent to both daylilies is BLUEGRASS MEMORIES, so this must be  trait contained in the gene pool of BLUEGRASS MEMORIES.  Tomorrow, on Sunday, I expect to cross 3-390 and 3-347 just to see if the pleats show up on the seedlings.   

That is all the news for today.  Hoping for rain tomorrow.



  1. My goodness... These are absolutely exquisite! I especially like the first and last. I don't often comment but visit your site frequently... What brilliant blooms you've hybridized and how very exciting it must be to see them for he first time! Larry

  2. Hi Bill,
    My firts thought about 3-379 colour is kind of ripe raspberry.
    It is a wonderful seedling !

  3. Thanks Larry and Hemeroca7,

    I like the idea of raspberry. Very good color identification. I am delighted that 3-379 has moved us away from purples and reds.

    And Larry, we see things similarly. I like the pleats,and hope to get them into this color pattern as a more permanent trait.


  4. Bill, I think the cranberry color is great and really looks to be a close match. It's probably a little too dark but the thought of a really ripe watermelon with the green rind on the edges would be a good choice too. Maybe a cranberry- apple type look? Lot's of possibilites with this one.


  5. Thanks Marlon. Yes, this will be a more difficult choice with a number of possibilities.