Thursday, April 11, 2013

I've Got PINK STRIPES Converted.

Hello Daylily Friends,

Good news, good news, good
news.  I've got PINK STRIPES converted.  First, to fully explain what has happened, we have to look backwards to the diploid.  I took a picture of the diploid flower, and then I took a picture of the pollen.  The diploid is a good daylily, and a lot of people like it, as evidenced by sales interest in our garden.  However, it has only about two branches, and is attractive, I think, because of its unusual shape: with its "stripes."  I would like to think that these stripes will open up a new avenue of hybridizing in the tetraploid line. 

Well, lets now look at the tetraploid. Wow, the appearance is so different.  It is a bigger flower, the colors are deeper, and it calls for use to create something new.  I do not have any of the other tetraploid daylilies that I could use as a pod parent with TET. PINK STRIPES, so I am left in a quandary as to how it might be used.  We can see from looking at the pictures of the two flowers, that the tetraploid is much bigger with both its petals and sepals. Also, I can report that the scape is much more sturdy.  All in all, this has been a good effort at a conversion.  I didn't know what to do with the tetraploid pollen so I froze it in my garden refrigerator.

I might also mention the size of the diploid and tetraploid pollen.  On my microscope the diploid pollen measures an 8 or 9, whereas the tetraploid pollen measures a 15.  This is significant.  The plant has totally changed, and will never again be a diploid. 

Thanks to my friend Paul Lewis in Ohio who sent me PINK STRIPES to convert.  I'll get a converted fan to you Paul after I've had a chance to multiply the fans.

I also want to show a flower that bloomed in my Greenhouse this morning.  It is Seedling 11-81, and here is the cross:  [(Shirley Anne McCord x Gnashing of Teeth) x (Shirley Anne McCord x Gnashing of Teeth)].  This is an "F-2" cross.  Last summer my good friend Larry Grace came to see our summer garden, and Larry noticed this particular flower, and asked about it.  I confessed that it had not been fertilized, and Larry asked for a fan, which I gladly provided.  Since Larry was going to grow it, I decided that I should as well.  When I went into the Greenhouse this morning I could hardly believe what I was seeing.  Just a beautiful purple with great white teeth. Thanks Larry for noticing this beauty!

More news soon!



  1. Bill,
    Congrats on your conversion efforts! I really like 11-81. I would love to see it crossed into some white edged reds.

  2. Thanks Josh. Right now I'm crossing 11-81 onto my Seedling 11-271 that I showed here on the blog back on May 29, 2012.

    Should get another bloom tomorrow on TET. PINK STRIPES. Again, I suppose that I will freeze the pollen because I am unsure of how it should be used.

    Oh, I got your plant that you sent, and it is showing a nice scape. It should bloom in about 15 to 20 days. Thanks for sending it, and I'm looking forward to seeing the bloom.


  3. Hi Bill,
    Mike Johnson from Niagara Falls, NY here! I like following your efforts by lurking on your blog. Your work is fascinating! I thought why not take Pink Stripes Tet. to appliqued eyed ufos to see how the stripes would interact with the appliqueing. Appliqued stripes on the petals would be a logigal progression I thought!. Anyways keep up the great work!

  4. Hi Mike,

    I don't have any applique eyes in the Greenhouse, but I do have some outside that will bloom in June. I like your idea. Great idea. I will continue to freeze most of the pollen for more good ideas like yours. I did cross a pink with teeth onto TET. PINK STRIPES. I'll probably do more of this if a pod sets.

    Many thanks for your note.


  5. Hi Bill,
    That conversion of Pink Stripes is great....
    & that 11-81 looked WOW at your program in GR....
    I bet that pollen is flying;)
    Isn't it time for a Lily Rae update ;)

  6. Hi Lori,

    Thanks for your e-mail about the early shipment of daylilies. That 11-81 is actually different than the one that I showed in GR which was 11-293. I think the bloom on 11-293 is better than 11-81, but 11-81 has much better height and branching.

    You are right about the pollen use from 11-81. I have been spreading it around as much as I can. I've even taken it to 11-293.

    I agree that an update about Little Lily Rae is in order. This will definitely happen in my next post!

    Speaking of Little Lily Rae she loved the gifts that you gave her, especially the little duck!

    Thanks for your note. Oh, I'm going to get another bloom on TET. PINK STRIPES in the morning. I will post about this as well.


  7. Bill if you ever have converted Pink Stripes and 11-81 I really want them! I breed the stripeys and white edges too and congrats on your very fine achievements. Beautiful!

  8. Thanks Mayflwrhem,

    I will have both available, but it will take some time for multiplication. Hybridizing, converting and growing daylilies is such a wonderful fun.


  9. Bill,

    Wow, SUCCESS!!! Congrats on the successfull conversion!!! I am happy you will be able to use the pollen. I sent you an email with some suggestions. Hope you breed some nice seedlings with it!!! I understand it may need more time for increase. The way I see it, good things are worth waiting for. I also believe good things to happen to good people and you and Diana are some of the nicest folks I have ever met on my travels to daylily gardens!!! Thanks for everything!!!

  10. Congrats on TET pink stripes. Can't wait to see what you and others do with it. Imagine what a baby of 11-81 and pink stripes. Congrats!

  11. Bill,

    I've been keeping this page open on my web browser for a couple of weeks now because I am enamored with 11-81 and, perhaps even more importantly, I really like TET Pink Stripes. I could really use a striped tet for a very specific daylily look I'm going for. Did it grow well for you and do you think you might have some available for 2016? (And did you ever find out if it is pod--or pollen--fertile?)

    Congrats on the wonderful achievements on both daylilies in this post! I'm keeping my eye on these. I agree with others that seedling 11-81 would make a great intro. I checked your website and didn't see it listed as an intro yet, but hopefully you're just building it up so you have enough to sell when you do.

    All the best!