Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Congratulations to Luke!

Hello Daylily Friends,

So much has happened in a week.  First, our Sunday School Class came to have Saturday morning Breakfast in the Garden, then on Tuesday we were visited by the Birmingham Daylily Society, and then on Friday we were visited by the Montgomery Area Daylily Society.  Then on Friday evening we went to the Galleria Mall, had supper with members of our Club and the Atlanta Club: then we filled the wine bottles that we use for vases at our daylily Show.  Then, on Saturday morning, we had the actual, annual Daylily
Show, and it was such a delight.  But something else also happened that I must tell you about.  On Tuesday Morning I sat my "empty" cup of coffee on the ground, while I was taking pictures and also making a few notes in my 2013 Daylily Journal.  Suddenly, I noticed that Little Lily Rae had my coffee cup, but just as quickly, I took her picture while she seems to be drinking from the cup.  Just a very fortunate picture.  Little Lily Rae likes to do what Grandpa does, including drinking coffee,.  She is just such a delight!

I want to now tell a little about one of my seedlings that is growing outdoors.  It is growing at the end of the row, just in front of where Diana Rae has her tomatoes growing.  It was supposed to have rained on Wednesday, but it didn't; however, there was mist, so I had to take an early picture of Seedling 3-430.  The parents of this beauty are as follows:  [((Tet. Lavender Blue Baby x Tet. Crystal Blue Persuasion) x Blue Beat) x Tet. Wild Dreams].  This is such an interesting cross with so many conversions, and I can't say that I know for certain what the many parents there are to contribute to the heritage/family of WILD DREAMS.  I can only say that I am so, so pleased with my new seedling.  Here are the facts having to do with measurement:  22" Tall, 3-4 Way Branching, 19 Buds, and
a 6" Flower.  While I ordinarily would not be satisfied with a daylily that is 22 inches tall, I am pleased with Seedling 3-430.  The reason is that the foliage is all "arched," and the daylily is well displayed above the foliage.  I would note that there are two proliferations growing on the scape, and so I plan to leave 3-430 in its present growing space while the proliferations are grown in the Greenhouse during this coming winter.  I just really like the multitude of colors on 3-430.  Blue, green, red, purple and cream: just lovely colors.  How do you like the "deep green throat" that is more emphatically shown in the eye of the enlargement?

I want to talk a bit more about an important part of our Daylily Show.  It is nice to win a ribbon, it is nice to be recognized, but only once in a lifetime is there someone in a daylily club like our member, Luke Van de Vate.  Luke has been successful for many years in growing daylilies, then Luke began hybridizing daylilies, and he even created his own blog and website.  See www.muddcreekgardens.com  Luke has twice been selected as the best youth writer in AHS, and just a few weeks ago Luke graduated with highest honors from Mt. Paran Christian School.  This fall, Luke enters the prestigious Vanderbilt University.  Luke is also an outstanding athlete in that he is a "star" on the Tennis Court.  What I want to point out is that at our Daylily Show Luke won the "Best of Show Youth Exhibit" for his entry of GRAPESICLE.  We are all so proud of Luke because he has secured s special place in our hearts.  Luke will continue to find happiness in life, and it is our joy to have helped him find a life long hobby.

I want to also talk more about our visit with the member of the Montgomery Club.  I like to take pictures of Clubs that visit our garden, but on Friday something happened that I did not expect:  I had to dig up quite a few daylilies that members of the Montgomery Club wanted to purchase.  Normally, Diana takes care of all of this, but on Friday there were so many orders that I had to help.  When all of this was finished the "whistle" was blown, and the members of the Club had to be back on their bus for their next garden visit.  I could only get a few picture of the members of the Club at their bus as
they were about to leave.  We really enjoyed the visit, and next time I will have additional help to dig up those daylilies!  Thanks friends for the purchases, and thanks for the visit.



  1. Hi Bill,
    Love that seedling. I bloomed a couple of tet Wild Dreams kids that were nice this season. It's gonna be interesting to where these new genetics will take us. By the way I have set several pods using pollen from you conversion of Handsome Ross Carter. Thank You
    Josh Jaques

  2. Hi Josh,

    Let me know how you do with TET. HANDSOME ROSS CARTER. I am seeing lovely blooms, but I've had too much of a problem with thrips or I would have shown pictures. It may be too late to do anything about the thrips at this point, but I will spray anyway, and may get a few pictures.

    I've also had other orange colored daylilies to bloom that have also had thrip damage.

    I see a real future for blooms from TET. HANDSOME ROSS CARTER. Keep setting those pods!