Sunday, June 23, 2013


Hello Daylily Friends,

There are late bloomers, and then there are late bloomers.  Two late bloomers that I have particularly noticed in our garden are HANDSOME ROSS CARTER and DREAMWORLD.  In another post I will talk about DREAMWORLD, and today I would just like to concentrate on HANDSOME ROSS CARTER.  What a wonderful plant; what a wonderful conversion; what a great entry into oranges and gold, and other mixed colors.  I thought that I had
seen the best of seedlings out of TET. HANDSOME ROSS CARTER, but in the last few days I have seen even better seedlings.  The first seedling that I would like to show is Seedling 3-444.  It looks a lot like HANDSOME ROSS CARTER, but it is larger.  In fact, it is 21" tall, 2-way branching, 9 buds, with a 6 1/2" flower.  It must be recalled that the diploid, HANDSOME ROSS CARTER, is registered to be 14" in height with a 6" bloom.  There is no mention in the registration data about bud count or branching.  Also, the size of the diploid flower may be "overstated."  I'm showing a picture of 3-444 and the diploid flower.  Quite a difference, I think.

Another new bloom is Seedling 3-442.  Wow!  It is such a hot, burning embers color, that it looks like it could even cause        "immediate burn," if it is touched.  It is the fastest growing of the seedlings that I have from TET. HANDSOME ROSS CARTER, and the numbers from this cross are outstanding, when measured against the diploid registration data.  3-442 is 26" tall, it has good, 3-way branching, 17 buds, and a 6 1/4" flower which might even be larger.  I realize that there is "thrip" damage to the flower, but a bloom like this just has to be shown. 

I also want to show two yellow seedlings, but first a small amount of "research" is needed.  I spoke about Seedling 8-202 in my post on July 19, 2010, and I also spoke about Seedling 7-225 on July 18, 2011.  I may ultimately introduce 8-202 because of its seemingly blunt and very wide sepals, and its incredible substance.  However, I would probably have to produce about 15 more plants to be able Yes, I did say a 7" flower.  Seedlings 3-440 and 3-445 both show that 7-225 is a super parent.  So, I am now taking a number of conversions to 7-225 to produce more seedlings.  Once a good thing is found, it just has to be used.  to meet anticipated demand. 
Anyway, I took pollen from 8-202 and crossed it with Seedling 7-225.  Seedling 7-225 has incredible branching and bud count here in North Georgia, regardless of how cold our winters might be.  One new flower from this cross is Seedling 3-445 which has "wide sepals and great substance."  It is 26" tall, uniform 3-way branching, 10 buds, and a 6" flower.  Very nice.  The second new flower is Seedling 3-440.  It is 26" tall with 4-way branching, 22 buds, and a 7" flower. 

It looks like I will continue to work with yellow daylilies long into the future.

I have to tell about Little Lily Rae and her Grandmother, Diana Rae.  They were walking together in the Garden this past Wednesday, and I took three pictures.  The first picture shows Little Lily Rae touching one of her Grandmother's Asiatic Lilies.  Lily Rae seems so interested in the plant, as you might expect since her name is Lily Rae!  Then Diana showed Lily Rae our large, red sculpted daylily.  I exaggerated somewhat when I explained to Lily Rae that the red sculpted daylily required a lot of water and fertilizer, and that the paint also helped it have such a great color!  Lily Rae understands so much of what we say, and she just smiled and laughed as if she understood her Grandfather's tale.  The third picture that I took was with Grandmother and Little Lily Rae standing in front of a blue Hydrangea, admiring a yellow, Calla Lily.  Again, Lily Rae is learning all about lilies whether they are Daylilies, Asiatic Lilies, Sculpted Lilies or Calla Lilies. 

Tomorrow will be another great day in the Daylily Garden.



  1. Bill,
    I love 3-444. Can't wait to see more out of tet Handsome Ross Carter. Keep it up!

  2. Hi Josh,

    Hope that you are making plenty of seeds using TET. HANDSOME ROSS CARTER. This conversion may yet give us a whole new vocabulary in a new style of seedlings.


  3. Hi Dad,

    3-444 is truly amazing. I LOVE IT!!!

    Kelley Rae

  4. Bill,

    Very off topic from your last blog post but wanted to let you know that Lydia's Regal Robe has been blooming in my yard recently and it is such an incredibly beautiful heavily-saturated color!! I wish I could enjoy it longer this year but there are numerous young bucks with their furry horns that come to the yard and they've eaten all but a few buds despite my best efforts to repel with Deer Off! It works good if you spary the whole plant generally, but they still seem attracted enough to investigate before they get enough nasty smell. Oh well, I just hope the plant continues to increase and next year will maybe last a bit longer with or without the assistance of the deer. Love your flowers and updates on the blog!