Sunday, August 11, 2013

Insects, Slugs and Snails, and Deer!

Hello Daylily Friends,

I've been concentrating on getting my Greenhouse back in shape for another year of daylilies.  One problem that I had was that the plastic walls on the sides and on top of the Greenhouse were not filling with "air" as they should have been doing.  So, I called my friend Jeff at Atlas Greenhouse, and within 24 hours, my friend, Roger Nugent, and his two-man crew, arrived to diagnose the problem.  It turns out that there was a tear where the pump is attached to the interior plastic on the roof, and they made the repair.  Now the Greenhouse is back to being the Greenhouse it has been, and it is looking good.  I would note that I've planted quite a few seeds, and I've also used several new chemicals.  I've also replaced both the Refrigerator, and the Plastic Storage Cabinet.  I like the Refrigerator because it does not have a freezer, and I like the Plastic Storage Cabinet because it is so clean.

I mentioned using several new chemicals.  One is Triazicide, and it is supposed to kill as many as 100 nuisance insects.  It is advertised to "kill on contact," and it is supposed to provide season long control.  So, I applied a heavy coat to the ground in the Greenhouse.  The second chemical that I'm using is Deadline M-Ps.  It is supposed to kill slugs and snails, and so I also applied a heavy coat of this chemical throughout the Greenhouse.  I even put the chemical in every one of my pots.  I do not intend to have to
deal with insects or slugs or snails this coming season.  I'm going to do my best to keep the pests outside.

One unusual aspect of the Deadline M-Ps is that the "pellets" are blue in color.  So, the pellets are easily seen, and this makes me more comfortable using the product because I can see that the pellets are still around, and available for the slugs to eat.  The advertisement on the bag proudly proclaims: "One last meal for slugs and snails."  I sure hope this pledge is correct.  Apparently, water does not easily dissipate the product, and the product is very attractive to the snails.

Insects and slugs and snails are not the only problems that I've had over the past three weeks,  The worst problem has been the "deer."   All of a sudden they showed up in the garden, and they've been eating everything in sight.  I finally got so agitated that I spent about 30 minutes on the phone, and ultimately reached the Department of Natural Resources.  The next day after I called I was visited by an Agent, who, after his inspection, gave me an "Archery Only" license to kill the deer.  My friend David has made plans to kill the deer, but so far the deer are still causing damage.  It has gotten so bad that I've been putting a net over my prized daylilies to protect them as best I can.  Maybe David will come and kill one tonight.


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