Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Hello Daylily Friends,

The most excitement that I experienced this past year was (1) converting SUNGLASSES NEEDED, and (2) then growing a seedling from this cross that I ultimately named CHEROKEE GOLD.  I am herewith posting a picture of CHEROKEE GOLD just to recall this blaze of fun.  Well I had CHEROKEE GOLD growing in a pot in the Greenhouse, and I had three nice fans on the plant, plus a fourth small fan growing adjacent to the edge of the pot.  Well, I had decided to leave the pot in the Greenhouse over the winter, but then my beautiful wife, Diana Rae, suggested that I remove the small fan, grow it in the Greenhouse, and then put the other three fans outside.  And this is how this story begins.

Well, I took CHEROKEE GOLD outside the Greenhouse and meticulously began the process of removing the small fan.  However, the fan went all the way back to underneath the larger three fans, and after I discovered this, I found that too much damage had been done to the plant to justify just putting the whole thing back into the Greenhouse, as if nothing had happened.  So, I went ahead, and separated all four fans, and then left them outside to dry.  After the plants dried I repotted each plant separately,
and I think that now I have several new choices.  I can grow the two larger fans in the Greenhouse for the next 6 to 8 weeks, then just plant them outside.  The purpose would be so that I would have a better understanding of the height and branching of the plant.  I would use the other two fans in the Greenhouse, and pollinate them again with TET. SUNGLASSES NEEDED.  Also, I could use the pollen from CHEROKEE GOLD to create more doubles.  I should add that I put the following into each pot: (1) Slow Release 16-4-12 Nutricote fertilizer, (2) Magnesium Sulphate, (3) Alfalfa, and (4) Bayre Advanced Tree & Shrub granules.  This should help to get the plants growing again.

Meanwhile I have to tell you about Little Lily Rae.  She was two years old this past Sunday, September 15, 2013.  I take Little Lily Rae to Church Music Class every Monday morning, and Lily Rae has so much fun.  As an example I took a picture of Lily Rae as she was jumping during the singing of a song.  Lily Rae calls her Music Teacher by name, which is Ms. Arie, and she always goes to see and greet the other students in the class.  Lily Rae is a blessing to everyone she meets.  On Wednesday evenings we take Lily Rae to
Church Supper, but she is always in a hurry because she knows that after supper we're going to the playground. At the playground Lily Rae likes the swing, but her newest "excitement" is the slide.  She climbs to the place where she can enter the slide, and then down the slide she goes.  She just gets so much fun out of the exercise, and afterwards she is ready to come home and make preparations to have a good night's sleep.  It is a joy to be with Little Lily Rae.

Lily Rae is just waking from her afternoon nap so I will go and join her for afternoon fun.


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