Monday, March 17, 2014

Visiting with "The Wisconsin Daylily Society."

Hello Daylily Friends,

Diana and I have just returned from visiting with The Wisconsin Daylily Society in Madison, Wisconsin.  It was a wonderful, wonderful trip.  Thanks to Francis and Genni Kleckner for inviting us to come and visit, and thanks to the entire Club for making our visit so enjoyable.  As we boarded the Delta Aircraft for the flight to Madison, I mentioned to the Pilot to be sure that his "Transponder" was set for the total time of our flight.  He thanked me for the advice, and immediately went inside the cockpit to set the dial.  Thanks also to Delta for flying to and from Madison, and a particular thank you to our Delta Pilot on our return trip home.  Visibility was quite difficult due to cloud cover, and at one point another aircraft passed below us and was within 1,000 feet of our plane.

Francis and Genni picked us up at the airport, and took us to our hotel.  After we were settled in the room they then took us to a delightful seafood restaurant.  Diana and I both very much enjoyed our dinners, and we had such delicious servings that we couldn't eat any dessert.  We were joined at the evening meal by Paul Pratt, the Club's Treasurer, and we all talked about our favorite subject: daylilies!  The next morning Francis and Genni took us to the Club meeting that was held at a local school.  The room where the meeting took place was really well built, and I am showing a picture so that we can see the style of the room.  There were so many members of the Club present that I am pleased to say that the Madison Club is the second largest local Club that we have visited.  There were between 65 to 70 members present when I began to show my program.  I also want to mention that during my presentation Diana sat with Bob Kietzman who she knew from conversations on the phone.  Diana and Bob swapped daylilies and peonies.  Diana really is looking forward to seeing blooms on the peonies that she received from Bob.

After our Club meeting was finished, about 30 Club members came to the hotel and served a grand dinner.  I particularly enjoyed the beef and the vegetables, and Diana liked the roast turkey.  We talked and talked and talked, and learned much about each other.  I particularly want to mention my young friend, Chris Von Kohn, who I previously met over the Internet when Chris was a student at Texas A & M.  Chris has since graduated from College, and is now working on his Masters and his Doctorate degrees at the University of Wisconsin.  I was also privileged to talk at length with Cheryl Solaris who is a committed member of the Club.  Indeed, we all had our picture taken together just before we went to dinner.  Then, we  had another picture taken just before our evening meal.

I was also privileged to meet Mr. Hiram Pearcy who founded The Wisconsin Daylily Club back in 1990.  Hiram has since been a loyal Club leader and member, and each year the Club has an annual sale of daylilies that has been very, very successful.

When we arrived back at home I was delighted to see even more blooms in the Greenhouse.  Two blooms in particular were particularly lovely.  The first bloom is from STOKE THE FIRE which was hybridized by my friend, Josh Jaquez, in Louisiana.  I really like the yellow/gold self, and the red/orange eye.  Josh sent this daylily to me last spring, and it has now grown to full size.  I intend to use it in my hybridizing.  The second daylily is from my friend, Bill Maryott, in California.  Bill's daylily is PRICKLY SENSATION.  I took the picture of the flower because it is blooming as a polytepal.  I particularly like the throat on the flower, and I've crossed the plant with TET. TERRY LYNINGER.  I'm hoping to see success from this cross.  Bill sent PRICKLY SENSATION to me several years ago and I'm always glad to see the blooms.  I'm pleased to report that I have it growing in the outside garden, and that it has survived our hard winter.

Finally, I have to show where Diana will grow her tomatoes this year.  Diana will be using the cages that I've placed in a new part of the garden.  I've tilled the soil, I've place lime in the soil, and I believe that the tomatoes will grow very well.  Diana had used another part of the garden to grow her tomatoes for the past five years.  It was time for a change in location.   

Diana and I want to again report how much we enjoyed the visit with our Wisconsin daylily friends, and again say thank you to the Club members and to Francis and Genni for their invitation.


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  1. Bill & Diana,
    It was a pleasure to meet both of you and to hear such a grand talk at our WDS meeting In WI this past weekend. So glad you made it home OK. Keep posting the pictures from your green house. It makes us(here in the North) feel like warmer weather is on it's way!