Monday, December 15, 2014

Things are going Well!

Hello Daylily Friends,

Thanksgiving Day was wonderful, but we celebrated without Little Lily Rae.  Sadly, she was not able to be with us, but we had a wonderful dinner.  My wife is a great cook, and she knows how to prepare a Thanksgiving feast.  When she took her Turkey out of the oven I took a picture.  She also made many other treats, including a Pumpkin Pie, which was delicious.  Thanks Precious Wife for a grand day of thanksgiving.

Then Saturday came.  My College football team is Georgia Tech.  Over the years we've been beaten multiple times in football by the University of Georgia (UGA), but I just had hope that this year we could reverse our 5-year losing streak.  I had a ticket such that it seems, in hindsight, that I had to sit in the "clouds" to watch the game.  We played a great game, and then there were only 18 seconds left, and UGA was about to kick-off to us.  What could be done in 18 seconds?  I thought it was all over, and I left the Stadium with my friend David Cook.  As we sadly walked away, we soon heard a "great moan".  It was the UGA fans in disbelief because we found a way to hit a 52 yard field goal, and tied the game.  We were going to overtime!

David and I turned around and headed back to the Stadium, which was just a few feet behind us, but UGA's gate guards would not allow us to re-enter.  They told us that it was written on our tickets that re-entry was not allowed.  I made several good arguments as to why we should be allowed to walk back to our seats, but they would not listen.  There were other Tech fans who had also walked out of the Stadium who were trying to re-enter, and most of us soon gathered on the bridge behind the score board.  We could see the heads of the players, and then, shockingly, we won!  Wow!  It was so great.  We had beaten them on their home field.  It was just sooooo, sooooo incredible.  Beating Georgia is good.

Soon I was back in the daylily garden, and I went back to work.  I removed a number of dormant plants from the Greenhouse, and planted these in their buckets in the ground.  Since I planted the buckets we've had many cold nights.  The plants are reversing, but I will bring them back into the Greenhouse in late January or early February.  I've also had blooms on THE STING!, and Rich Howard's EXPLOSION IN THE PAINT FACTORY also bloomed.  I've been waiting for Rich's daylily to bloom; I took all the pollen and stored it in the freezer.  I've got plans for its use.

Has everyone noticed the steep decrease in gas prices?  I went to fill up my GMC Truck, and instead of having to pay the usual $85.00, I only had to pay $57.67.   I saved about $27.00 on just one purchase of gas.  This is astonishing.  How could gas prices be so low?  Then we're also saving on the purchase of gas for Diana's car.  This is a wonderful Christmas present.

We had our Sunday School Christmas Party, and it was just wonderful.  There were 70 members of our Class present, we had a joyful time talking with each other, and then we had a wonderful meal.  We sang songs, and soon Santa arrived.  The members of our Social Committee brought Santa, and we soon played "Christmas Bingo" so as to win presents.  Then we each had an opportunity to have our pictures taken with Santa.

Back at home we've been getting ready for Little Lily Rae.  We put up our Christmas Tree; we wrapped presents, we put up garlands, and our Christmas Stockings.  We put out red bows, and candy canes, and everything was perfect for the arrival of our precious grandchild.  When she arrived she was overwhelmed by the Tree, and then she focused on a caricature we have of Bing Crosby.  If you push a button Bing sings several songs as his head and arms move.  Lily was thrilled with Bing, and she played and played with him.  Lily is so observant.  She noticed that I have a "cleft chin."  So she took her little fingers and examined and examined.  I explained that I had the cleft chin because when I was in the military in South Dakota I was hit in the chin by an Indian using his "Tomahawk."  Lily listened to my story, but she mostly focused on my chin.  She is such an angel.  I've taught her new songs, new words, and she remembers everything.  She is such a blessing.

Looking forward to Christmas.


  1. Gas prices are hovering around $2.39 to $2.55 here in northeast Ohio. Looks like you folks are having a nice xmas. Hope all is well.

  2. Hi Paul,

    The effect of these low gas prices on the stock market seems not to be anything too significant. The low prices should hopefully make our fertilizer costs cheaper.

    Also, I don't know if I told you this or not, but I've written an article about the conversion of PINK STRIPES which will appear in the Spring issue of the AHS Journal. It is written in the format of a letter to you. When you see it I hope you approve.

    I think that the conversion of PINK STRIPES will open up an entirely new chapter in daylily propagation. You had an incredible idea asking to have this plant converted.


  3. Bill, Can't wait to read your article. It was you that did all the hard work on the conversion. I always wished that someone had taught me how to convert diploids, but that is something I will have to learn maybe in my older years. I do believe the future of newer daylilies lies in converting diploids to tetraploids. To add new genetics and new possibilities. Can't wait to read what you wrote. Happy holidays to you, Diana, and the rest of the Waldrop family.