Tuesday, March 10, 2015

White Daylilies

Hello Daylily Friends,

I have seen conversation on the Robin over the past two days about "white daylilies."  I would therefore like for everyone to see a picture of my own KENNESAW MOUNTAIN LEMON SORBET, which is white, and so it is herewith "posted."  LEMON SORBET is a late bloomer, and so for the first time I have suggested it as a candidate for this year's "Eugene S. Foster" Award for late blooming daylilies.  It has previously won an AHS "Honorable Mention" Award.

Another white daylily that I would like to show is Seedling 4-600.  I made Seedling 4-600 by crossing TET. ESP, a Shooter daylily that I converted, with Stamile's LACY ALL OVER.  TET. ESP is a dormant.  I then crossed this seedling again with LACY ALL OVER.  Although Seedling 4-600 is an evergreen, it is very hardy since the dormant TET. ESP is now part of the parentage.   How do you like the name?  It was suggested by our daughter, Kelley Rae, and now the name is "reserved."  The height and branching on 4-600 is quite nice, but like TET. ESP, it is a late bloomer.  So, I don't know if it will be blooming during the National Convention this coming June.

I have to also mention DIANA'S EVENING GOWN.  It is a mid to late blooming daylily, but it's size and color is what makes it so noticeable.  It is a 7" flower, and looks like it should have come from Florida, but it is a dormant.  I have made it a candidate for the "Extra Large Diameter Bloom Award," and I hope that it may be blooming during the National Convention.  DIANA'S EVENING was also previously chosen for the AHS "Honorable Mention" Award.

Another flower that I've suggested for an Award is RED SAPPHIRE, which indeed, will be blooming during the National Convention.  I've listed RED SAPPHIRE as a candidate for the "Don C. Stevens" Award for boldly eyed daylilies.  You might notice the diamond shaped red eye, and the diamond shaped green throat.  RED SAPPHIRE is then distinguished with teeth on its petals.  Perhaps it will capture the attention of voters.

Diana has planted her "Tomato Seeds" for 2015.  Our friend, Janet Adams from Sunday School, came by to bring me a Teacher's Book, and at the same time Diana was putting her seeds into tiny containers.  Janet had to take a look.  It is always a surprise I think to see someone planting their tomato seeds themselves rather than just buying the plants at the nursery.  Diana plants her own seeds so that she will have the best tomatoes that she can grow.

Ambidextrous is a word we use to describe a person who can use both hands with equal ease.  This certainly describes Little Lily Rae.  She was drawing on a page that is to be colored with crayons, and she used two separate pens at the same time.  Wow!  Diana took her picture while she was drawing using both hands.  Lily Rae is so talented!

Today is a very good day.  My article in the Daylily Journal entitled "Dips to tets: a how-to guide," is being distributed beginning today.  More news soon.



  1. Love the white daylilies Bill. I have a nice white seedling that bloomed last year that I'm excited about. For one thing I have discovered this winter that its a dormant. The parentage is Boundless Beauty x Angels Gather Round. I'll try to send you a picture of it. A bit of exciting news also is there is a very good chance the 2018 National will be in Myrtle Beach put on by th Georgetown Area Daylily club. It's still peliminary but we have the date reserved until we decide. Keep up the good work.


  2. Hi Marlon,

    Great news about your white seedling using ANGELS GATHER AROUND. I'm not familiar with BOUNDLESS BEAUTY, but perhaps that is the source of your dormancy. Send a picture.

    I particularly like white daylilies, and I'm trying to get more introduction quality plants by also using TET. HEAVEN ALL DAY and TET. EVELYN GATES. I've got candidates, and one of the more recent Stamile whites that I'm using is FANCY LACE.

    That would be fantastic if the 2018 National Convention could be centered in Myrtle Beach. It would be delightful to come to your area of the Country and see everyone's gardens. I'm voting that it will happen!

    I hope that you're coming to Atlanta.