Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Visiting with the Wiregrass Daylily Society

Hello Daylily Friends,

On Friday, Jan. 13, 2017, Diana and I traveled to Donaldson, Georgia, to see my friend, retired Master Sergeant Kenneth Lane.  I had not seen Sgt. Lane since I was reassigned from Hurlburt Field, Florida, to RAF Mildenhall England.  Indeed, I had not seen Sgt. Lane in over 51 years.  A very very long time.  Sgt. Lane called me about a year ago to reconnect.  I was so glad to receive his call.  We talked and talked for a long time.  Ultimately, I decided to name one of my introductions for Sgt. Lane, and I talked about this in my post back on July 5, 2016.  When Diana and I arrived in Donaldson we met Sgt. Lane and his wife June, and we had Dinner with Sgt. Lane.  The conversation was just so, so much fun.  Of course I gave to Sgt. Lane the plant that I will register using his name which will be MASTER SERGEANT KENNETH LANE.  We ultimately had to leave and drive to Dothan, Alabama, where we were scheduled to speak on Saturday, Jan. 14, 2017.  We spent the night at the Hampton Inn which is a place we like to stay when we travel.

On Saturday morning Diana and I had breakfast with our friend, Larry Grace.  Talked and talked with Larry about our programs, and about his work in the Peanut business.  Larry is committed to his work in the Peanut industry, but Saturday morning was a time to relax and enjoy a wonderful "Over 55" Breakfast at  IHOP.      .

Around lunch time we went to meet with the Wiregrass Daylily Society in Dothan, Alabama.  When we arrived Diana and I were met by BJ Yance and Rita Moore.  We met members of the Club, and had a wonderful, wonderful lunch.  The Chicken and the "Cabbage Casserole" were my favorites.  In fact, after the meeting we gladly received the leftover Cabbage, and I had this for supper when we arrived back home Saturday evening.  I had wanted to take a picture of the entire Club, but I forgot to "charge" my camera.  Fortunately, however, Diana took this picture of several Club members using her Cell phone.  In the front row from left to right are Rita Moore, Bill Wente, Pat Wente, BJ Yance, Myself, and Phyllis Poole.  In the back row are Randy Fleming, Cindy Fleming, Clint Fussell, and Mark Sattelmeier.  Mark gave me one of his new introductions, DAD'S BLACK GOLD, and Jim Netherton also gave me his new introduction, AWESOME FIREFLY.  These are growing nicely in the Greenhouse.  Thanks to the Wiregrass Daylily Society for your wonderful invitation.  Wish we could have stayed longer because we truly enjoy being with our Daylily friends.

I want to go back in time to just before Christmas, 2016.  I had a pile of brush that I was unable to burn before May 1, the last day before summer when anyone can burn trash where we live.  Then, we went through the summer when we had a bad drought, and because of the drought we couldn't burn beginning on Sept. 1.  Everything was still much too dry.  Finally, we had plenty of rain late in the fall, and so, just before Christmas, the Fire Department gave everyone permission to burn.  I was so pleased.  I had a lot of trash, and I got the job accomplished.

Christmas approached and Diana put up a large stocking outside our side door.  We had hoped to take a picture with Lily Rae beside the large stocking, but she just was not agreeable.  So, we took a picture ourselves with the stocking hoping this might be an encouragement to Lily Rae.  She still said "No."  Later during the week-end Lily Rae wanted to open one of her presents.  Diana had shown Lily a picture that was taken of herself when she was a child in front of her family's Christmas tree in South Dakota.  So, Lily Rae agreed to Diana's suggestion.  She agreed to open one present early, and then have her picture taken in front of the Christmas tree.  The present she chose to open had a "Hershey" doll inside that we purchased at the Hershey's Chocolate Factory when we were at Lilyhemmer in Pennsylvania.  Lily Rae was so pleased with her Hershey doll.  Diana then got a wonderful picture of Lily Rae with the Hershey doll in front of the tree.  We had a wonderful 2016 Christmas, and we will always cherish this wonderful picture!

Then 2017 arrived and promptly brought us an ice and snow storm.  The storm came while we were sleeping on Friday night, and then Saturday morning we went outside to play.  Lily Rae had new boots and was well dressed to make an "Angel" in the snow and ice.  Just so wonderful.  We walked, we slid in a sled, and  it was just a great way to start 2017.  Speaking of riding on the sled, this was a fun thing that Lily Rae just enjoyed for over an hour.  She would ride with Grandma, and later she agreed to ride with Grandpa.  I also took a good picture of the garden.  Everything was white, and we stayed home all week-end, except that we got up and went to Church on Sunday morning.  By Sunday the ice was gone, and the roads were in good shape again.

Today is February 1, 2017.  The Greenhouse just looks fabulous.  All of the plants are placed in rows, and even the dormants that I've brought into Greenhouse have started to grow.  Also today, I'm beginning to turn up the heat.  I've set the temperature to 50 degrees.  In about 10 days I will increase the heat to about 60 degrees, and ultimately I may even set the temperature to 70 degrees.  I would like to see blooms in April and May so that I will be finished with making seeds before the outside bloom season begins in June.  I also have so many dormant conversions that I've brought into the Greenhouse.  I am going to use many conversions that I've made over the years that I haven't really tried in my hybridizing.  I will try to keep our friends up to date as events happen in the Greenhouse.

Also my sister, Brenda Lee, came to stay with us for a few weeks while she looked for a new house near Cartersville, Georgia.  She was named after the Country Music Singer, Brenda Lee, and she is an outstanding Cosmetologist.  Then my wonderful wife, Diana Rae, invited my sister, Karren for supper, and we all enjoyed a wonderful meal together.  Karren delivers mail for the U. S. Post Office.  Thanks Diana for the wonderful supper, and for bringing us all together.  Had a wonderful time.

More news soon.


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