Friday, February 20, 2009

Gorgeous Green Edges

Hello Daylily Friends,

During the spring of 2007 I bought LESLIE RENEE from Floyd Cove Nursery, and I was fortunate to later receive ANGELS GATHER AROUND from my good friend Larry Grace. I also had several other daylilies that I thought might help in producing green edged petals, but these other plants were "dead end streets."

One of the first green edged plants that I bloomed, after crossing LESLIE RENEE with ANGELS GATHER AROUND, was my seedling number 7-233. What a beauty! This delightful seedling bloomed outside after a harsh, north Georgia winter. Unfortunately, I didn't initially measure the height or bud count of 7-233, but I now have it growing outside so that this coming spring and summer I can have exact measurements. Here is a picture of 7-233:

7-233 is not a dormant, and it is not an evergreen. In my humble opinion it is a genuine semi-evergreen. I am herewith showing a picture of 7-233 growing outside after an evening temperature of 24 degrees here in Marietta, Georgia:

Any seedling that can look as good as 7-233 does now, as we endure the last phase of our winter of 2008-09, is, in one word: "TOUGH."

Another one of my green edged daylilies is seedling number 8-197. It is also a semi-evergreen, and is the result of the same cross: LESLIE RENEE x ANGELS GATHER AROUND. Interestingly, 8-197 apparently did not bloom after its first north Georgia winter, but instead only bloomed after the passage of two winters. When 8-197 bloomed I was so thrilled: it had the best green edge that I have ever seen. I have not looked at a better green edged daylily anywhere. I also was thrilled because of its very unusual lavender color, and because of its faint eye. Here is a picture of 8-197:
When 8-197 bloomed I recorded the measurements and they are as follows: 27" tall, 3-way branching, 15 buds and a 5 1/2" flower. Just very outstanding measurements. And, I would again emphasize, these measurements were made outside the greenhouse after 8-197 had gone through two north Georgia winters. Do you see the tooth growing on the upper right petal? This is another very interesting characteristic of 8-197.

You can click on the above photographs to obtain a closer view of the green edges.

I should also add that if you have not purchased ANGELS GATHER AROUND from Larry Grace, then you have made a mistake. ANGELS GATHER AROUND is a tremendous parent and produces beautiful seedlings. Simply stated, ANGELS GATHER AROUND is a "must have" daylily.

Here is an interesting question: what is it in daylily genetics that creates green edges? In my observation I believe the green edges eminate from daylilies that have deep, deep green eyes. The depth of these green eyes causes the green to expand from the eye and ultimately surround the outer edges of the petals.

Well, you now have my green edged comments for February 20, 2009.


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  1. on 6/21/2008 I saw a picture of Leslie Renee and since then I have been looking for one to plant here in my daylily area I have a few (152) to be exact how can I get a plant of eachof the two you mention above I live in southern Virginia about 35 miles from the North Carolina line off intersate 8f thanks ca