Sunday, April 5, 2009

Don and Zack Visit on Saturday.

Good morning,

Yesterday and this morning as well have been delightful experiences. Don Morris and Zack Jones visited from the area of Nashville, Tennessee. They came to pick up some daylilies they purchased earlier. They received the best I have: KENNESAW MOUNTAIN HAYRIDE, LYDIA'S REGAL ROBE, and DIANA'S EVENING GOWN. Don has an interesting website, and he is doing very well in his garden. To reach Don's website just look for Don Morris on Charlotte's Daylily Diary. Also see You will be glad that you visited and looked at his work. I am posting a picture showing Don, Zack and myself in the greenhouse.

The group picture was taken in front of a seedling that Don admired. Its petals measured 4" in width.

I am also showing a second seedling that bloomed this morning and the cross is as follows: [(Diana's Evening Gown x Judy Farquhar) x Best Edge]. I now call this daylily Seedling 9-16. It will never be introduced, but I like the green edge. Very nice. Seedling 9-16 is 28" tall, it has 3-way branching, 20 buds, and a 5 1/2" flower. You might notice that the sepals are not shown in the picture. They are not shown because they recurved. I put refrigerated pollen from Seedling 9-11 (See entry from April 2, 2009) on Seedling 9-16. Incidentally, Seedling 9-11 should bloom again in the morning, that is, Monday morning, April 6, 2009.

I'm glad daylily season has arrived in the greenhouse. Everything outside looks good as well.



  1. Bill i like 9-16. It looks better that any that i have made yet. You can send it to me if you done need it. I hope that with the few that i have coming from you will help me get something that good. David

  2. Well hello David! At first I thought you were my local friend David, but now I have realized that you are my friend from Maryland. Well, 9-16 bloomed again today, that is on April 8, 2009, but I didn't take a picture. The flower was more beautiful that shown above, again having that gorgeous yellow/green edge. Now that I have seen 9-16 bloom several times, I must say that it is a "keeper."

  3. Hello Bill,
    Just a friend From South Carolina. Have not meet yet, but one day hope to get down there. Maybe next year at the AHS.I have one coming from the LA and one that i bought from you. Your Friend David