Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Cat "Sammy."

Good Morning Daylily Friends!

My cat Sammy is a very special cat. Most cats enter and leave their homes by going in or out of a door. My cat Sammy, however, jumps up to the kitchen window and demands entrance. So, I open the window so Sammy can enter. Sammy gets whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and he gets as much of anything as he might want. We love our cat Sammy. Let it be said, "A home is not a home without a cat," and in our house if you want the best place to sit, you will have to move Sammy.

In the greenhouse the number of blooms is increasing. Yesterday I had about 20 blooms and each day offers more promise. I am particularly pleased with the beautiful edges produced by BEST EDGE. I know it will be much work to prepare these seedlings for their eventual homes in the colder weather, but as I know from experience, it takes years to prepare plants that will readily survive in colder climates. Here is a new seedling from BEST EDGE. It is so large and gorgeous. Every morning holds new promise.

ADDENDUM: David wrote and commented that this new seedling, which is now Seedling 9-14, "looks great." So, I thought I would add more commentary about Seedling 9-14. It is 31" tall, it has 2-way branching, and 12 buds. The flower is 6 1/2" in diameter. There are 3 bracts on the scape, which hopefully portends more branching as 9-14 grows toward maturity later this summer and next spring. There is also a large proliferation growing on the scape.

I should also add that the yellow edging on Seedling 9-14 is not as beautiful as it will eventually be when the heat finally returns without the need of gas heat in the greenhouse. More heat will mean better blooms, and particularly will mean better edging.

Thanks David for your comment.

Hope you have a wonderful daylily day.



  1. Now that one looks great!!! I have a few best edge daylilies from Dan Trimmer.Will keep looking. David

  2. Thanks David for your comment. In view of your thoughts about Seedling 8-14, I have addended the commentary.