Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tomorrow's Promise

Hello Daylily Friends,

I am continuing to have a few blooms in the greenhouse, but nothing so far that seems quite out of the ordinary. However, I do have a row of one cross that seems promising. I know that to say "seems promising," is quite a jump in logic, especially since I have not yet seen the first bloom from this row. The cross in the row is as follows: [(Tet. Dena Marie Seedling x Grace 578 Seedling) x Angels Gather Around] x Kaskel Seedling "Best Edge."

I am herewith showing two pictures of one seedling from this cross: The three-way branching on this seedling seems about as perfert as I could hope to have. Indeed, the branches are arched and lateral except for the main stem which is straight and erect. There are exactly 21 buds. All of this on a seedling grown from seeds that were planted on August 11, 2009.

The reason this seedling has my attention, is not only its height and branching, but because I see so much exposed green in the bud. You can see from looking at the bud that there is much green showing. Considering the parents of this seedling, I am hoping that on Thursday morning, April 2, 2009, that I will see a new, perfectly beautiful, green edged seedling. You can see the green even better by clicking on the picture to see an enlargement.

I am well aware that today is April the first, "April Fools Day," and that what I am seeing could be a rouse. Still, today, I'm believing in tomorrow's promise.


  1. Hello Bill,
    Now that is green, if it will only be that green when it opens. You will have a keeper.Don't forget about the frozen pollen for us new ones. Thanks David

  2. Hi David,
    I had hoped that it would open in the morning, that is, on April 2, 2009. However, I'm beginning to believe that it will even be another day before it opens. Indeed, it is green in the pod.