Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Making Seeds

Hello Daylily Friends,

The first flower I noticed this morning was my last year's Seedling 8-197. Last year it initially bloomed outside, and I had just a beautiful picture. One aspect of the picture was that the flower had a "tooth" imbedded in about the middle of one petal. It was odd for sure. Well, this morning the same thing happened again: a tooth in the middle of a petal. I'm showing a picture. Can you see the tooth on the right of the top petal? The plant itself is a cross of the following: [(Leslie Renee x Angels Gather Around) x (Leslie Renee x Angels Gather Around)]. It is 31" tall, 3-way branching, 15 buds, and a 5 1/5 flower. Of course in the greenhouse there are more buds. I particularly like the green edge around the lavender color.

Another flower that I immediately noticed was Seedling 7-203. It bloomed two years ago and it has always been large. As the picture herewith shows, its diameter is 6 1/2 inches. Big! It is a semi-evergreen leaning toward being an evergreen. Making seeds is the order of the morning. So, what pollen to use? I used pollen from the 7 inch, Seedling 8-243. How could I make a mistake? I also used pollen from 8-243 on practically every white or cream in the Greenhouse. One of my seedlings is 8-211. It is dormant, and its parents are as follows: (Angels Gather Around x Tet. Evelyn Gates). Just a beautiful dormant, but alas, not much branching or bud count. Seedling 8-211 is just the perfect candidate for pollen from 8-243. I am showing a picture of 8-211. As you can see, it certainly has many of the traits of EVELYN GATES, particularly including the green eye.

A new daylily that has just bloomed is from the following cross: (Song Triumphant x Kennesaw Mountain Hayride). Last summer I noticed Song Triumphant blooming in the outside garden. It had nice branching and was beautiful. I liked its color and it seemed to take the winter just fine. So, I put pollen on it from KENNESAW MOUNTAIN HAYRIDE. My new daylily is now called Seedling 9-44. What a beauty. In the picture it seems more pink but I sure saw it in the Greenhouse as being lavender. I crossed it with TET. JAMES MCCASKILL. Surely this will bring a good result.

After pollenating all morning I had to get to work on the outside garden. Pulling weeds. Applying weed preventer. Getting a long row ready to till tomorrow. Watering all plants. Then, I had to burn a very large pile of trash. Indeed, I had to do it this afternoon because all burning must stop befort May 1. I had only one day to finish the task. Tomorrow I will let you know how Diana is doing with her tomatoes.

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