Thursday, April 30, 2009

Two Surprises!

Good Morning Daylily Friends,

I've had two grand surprises this morning. First, Seedling 8-160 bloomed like it did last year: as a polytepal double, and here is a picture: Again, we have the yellow self and then the silver-blue eye. I do notice that I am now seeing more of the burgundy color around the eye. It might be helpful to go back to my post from January 16, 2009, and look at the past history I have had on Seedling 8-160. I would note that it is not a big daylily. Indeed, it is only about 3" in diameter. This morning I again pollinated it with TET. OUT OF THE BLUE. I would also note that all of the flowers were "doubles" this morning. I simply took a picture of this flower because it is a double polytepal. How many times do you have a double polytepal?

The second surprise this morning comes from my cross of JADE GLOW with BEST EDGE. Take a look back at the post from December 27, 2008. I had great hopes for the cross but, alas, all "bad blooms" until this morning's new bloom. Here are three pictures. The first picture shows the flower. The second picture shows the flower from a side view. The third picture shows the pain: two "busts" in the scape. I am sure that the flower would be better if it had a scape that was not damaged. I am going to try to repair the scape, but it will be difficult. I do not want to lose the scape, and I definitely do not want to lose the proliferation growing next to where one of the busts exists. This new daylily will henceforth be Seedling 9-66.

I will let you know if my efforts to salvage the scape on Seedling 9-66 are successful.

ADDENDUM: Ah, the miracle of Home Depot's "duct tape." I went ahead and carefully removed some foilage, and then cut the duct tape in proper lengths, and very carefully applied the tape and repaired the scape. I had to cut the duct tape in half several times, and I wrapped the scape with about three levels of tape. All of this effort will not restore the full beauty of 9-66, but it will allow me to hopefully harvest pollen and perhaps set a few pods. If I had not used the duct tape the scape surely would have split, and all would be lost. I may even be able to eventually harvest the proliferation.



  1. "Dr." Bill,
    Good looking duct tape cast you put on 9-66.
    Love the edge and green throat on it also.
    9-44 has good color and a pretty "face".
    Love the polytepal double and remember,good things comes in small packages. Keep up the good work and keep the duct tape handy.

  2. Hi Greg,
    Thanks for your thoughts. I am just so pleased about 9-66. Eight failures, but one positive. I would have expected eight successes, and perhaps one failure. It matters not. The one success is plenty. I know it will only be a better flower when it blooms again with no scape damage.

  3. Hi Bill,

    Is that what is referred to as "scape blasting"? Ivnever really known. When mine bust it is usually vertically, not horizontally. I was told this has a lot to do with water (rain), my I think it has more to do with genetics. What do you think?