Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's Moving Day!

Hello Daylily Friends,

There has been a nest of birds in my barn, and today, the birds are leaving. I saw one on the ledge where I keep my garden tools, and I saw another little bird on top of one of my water pipes. Both are just beautiful. I couldn't get close enough for a "close-up" shot, but I did get a photograph of one little bird next to my post-hole digger. I'm showing a picture. So, the little birds are now on their own. They will have to take care of themselves. I hope they do well.

It has also become moving day from the Greenhouse. There are so many seed pods in the Greenhouse that it will eventually be difficult to decide which seeds to keep and which to plant. Well, you might ask, "Have you stopped making seeds?" No. I just keep making seed pods so that I will have a wide range of options. I say that it is moving day from the Greenhouse because now there are lovely daylilies blooming outside. Here is the first new seedling that I paid attention to this morning. It is only 9 months old and it lived outside all winter. It has three-way branching, one proliferation, and 24 buds. However, its height is only 18 inches. It's parents lead me to the sure conclusion that it will eventually be a minimum of 24" in height. I will watch this seedling.

Another seedling that bloomed has interesting colors. It is basically orange with perhaps a garnet red eye and edge. Just gorgeous. All three of the new seedlings that I am showing on today's post have endured rain, cold and harsh weather conditions, but notwithstanding all of this, they are just quite nice. And, perhaps I should say it again, all are blooming in just nine months. This is just such a blessing because most would say that this can only be done in a Greenhouse or in Florida. However, it was done here at Kennesaw Mountain Daylily Gardens.

The third seedling is an interesting cross: [(Cherry Valentine x Crazy Ivan) x [(Ageless Beauty x Minstrel's Fire) x Tet. Peppermint Delight]. It is a tall seedling but no sign of branching. Considering the parents there should be branching. Well, maybe it just will not have branching and will just be beautiful.

So, the morning is finished, and I will be watching the outside flowers with much more interest.


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