Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Friends from Ohio

Hello Daylily Friends,

We were so fortunate this evening. We had a call earlier today from my friend Mike Holmes and he said that he and his wife Sandy, our friend Jamie Gossard, and their friend Kimberly, were all hoping to stop by and visit. Of course we were delighted with the news. Then Mike called and said they would not arrive until around 8:00 p.m. We were still delighted and expected everyone to stay the night and see the flowers in the morning. But no. Mike had flowers that he is obligated to mail from Ohio in the morning, and Kimberly has to go to work tomorrow. So, to our dismay, they could not stay the night, and visited for about three hours and then headed toward Ohio. They were driving a big truck which was full of luggage and many daylilies. They also had a trailer and it was also full of daylilies. Everyone had been to the AHS National Convention, they had been to see Larry and Cindy Grace in south Alabama, and now they were going home. Even though it was a short visit, it was great to see everyone. I took our picture together on the side porch to our house.

As the flower bloom outside I am constantly surprised at some of the flowers I see. For example, here is a new orange flower with an oddly colored eye and edge. The colors are very nice, but the flower is distinctive because of the carving in the throat. The odd colors and the carving make the flower seem to have some explosive power. I am showing a picture.

Even though I said that I was moving all of my work outside of the Greenhouse, I still seem to see new blooms that pull me back inside, like this new bloom. It is a cross between the following: [(Spiney Sea Urchin x (Heartbeat of Heaven x Johnny Cash)) x Cerise Masterpiece)] x [(Spiney Sea Urchin x (Heartbeat of Heaven x Johnny Cash)) x Cerise Masterpiece)]. Truly a long cross. But what an interesting daylily. All of the other daylilies from this cross were purple. This is the only new daylily with this cerise type color. Nice eye also, like Cerise Masterpiece. I will grow it and see how it performs.
I hope my friends make it safely back to Ohio tonight. My new friend Kimberly brought me some new pollen, and she is "in charge" of safely driving and navigating the highways. She is young so the evening driving may be ok for her. As for myself I must now say goodnight. See you in the morning.

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  1. [(Spiney Sea Urchin x (Heartbeat of Heaven x Johnny Cash)) x Cerise Masterpiece)] x [(Spiney Sea Urchin x (Heartbeat of Heaven x Johnny Cash)) x Cerise Masterpiece)]

    Yes Bill, truly a long cross, but worth the effort. WOWEE!