Thursday, July 30, 2009

Randy's Eat and Run

Good Morning Daylily Friends,

It is raining this morning as it has the past two mornings. I like rain but this is the busiest part of my daylily season. Clearing the Greenhouse, potting plants, and planting daylilies outside is a major task. There are no shortcuts. So, even though it is raining, I move inside the Greenhouse and keep cleaning and preparing for the planting of seeds. On the way to the Greenhouse I noticed an orange/gold daylily that has caught my attention several times. I have often thought that I would measure it because it has such a brilliant color. Well, even though it was raining this morning, I went ahead and measured the daylily. It is Seedling 8-228 and the parentage is as follows: (Varsity Orange x Ram). It is 28" tall, it has 6-8 way branching, it has over 40 buds, and has a 6" flower. Very impressive statistics for a daylily that has never been in the Greenhouse. I would introduce it this year but I do not know whether it is dormant, or semi-evergreen. I would presume it to be dormant since both parents are dormant. I am showing a picture taken while it was raining. Beautiful daylily!

As I came back to the house from the Greenhouse I passed by Diana's tomatoes. Not surprisingly, I saw our turtle whom we call "Randy." Randy really loves to eat tomatoes for breakfast. He has eaten all of the tomatoes on the bottoms of the tomato plants, so Diana leaves a tomato for him on the mulch beneath the plants. There was Randy, in all of his "turtle-glory," eating that tomato away. I wanted to take Randy's picture but he started to run. He ran because yesterday I picked him up in the garden to show him to my friend Marlee. So, Randy doesn't like to be handled and this is probably why he ran. Well I picked him up and put him back in front of the tomato and took his picture, but as you can see from the picture, I had to hold Randy still. We like Randy, and I enjoyed seeing him eat and run where he had been enjoying a fresh tomato!

I am herewith showing a picture of GRANNY SMITH, and this picture is one that I took several days ago. I have too much GRANNY SMITH, and I would like to sell all that I have. I will send two (2) fans to anyone for $50.00, and this amount will include the mailing cost. I have about 8 to 10 fans. Let me know by e-mail if you want this daylily. I must point out that it is registered as 18" in height, but it does have a beautiful green edge. I am sure that it can be used with other plants that have green edges to produce even better green edges.

It has stopped raining so I am going back to the garden to continue to prepare for 2010.


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