Friday, July 31, 2009

The Greenhouse is Clean

Good Morning Daylily Friends:

Well, finally, after arduous effort, the Greenhouse is clean. All of the old plants have been removed. They have been split and either put back into the Greenhouse, or they have been planted in rows in the outside garden. What a task to have finished. You might notice from the picture that I am showing that everything is nice and tidy and just perfect for seeds to be planted. I will have to prepare soil, get the peat pots ready, sort the seeds, and get them planted. I had wanted to get all of this finished about a week ago, but what you want to do and what you can do is limited by your own physical ability. Still, I am pleased that I am where I am. I should improve my planting time from last year by about ten days.

Last fall my friend David Arthur and I took a trip to visit the Stamiles and the Trimmers. We also stopped by to visit Nicole. We bought a number of daylilies, but David likes the small flowered plants. So, he bought several from Grace Stamile. One that David bought was ELFIN REFLECTION. I grew it for David in the Greenhouse and then back in April or early May David took the plants and planted them in his garden. He gave one fan to my wife Diana and it has bloomed over the past several days. It rained this morning but I took a picture of it anyway. The flower is only 2.1" in diameter. Just a little thing but oh so beautiful. Just as Grace said, it has 5-way branching and 30 buds. For us it is not 20" tall as advertised, instead it is 25-26" tall. It has grown to three fans, and I would really like to get it converted. However, my wife would not be pleased if I destroyed her flower. I will just have to wait a while until it produces more fans.

Well the rain has stopped and so I am going to begin getting my soil ready for planting.



  1. Hello Bill,
    The Greenhouse looks real big with only a few pots in it. But i know it will fill up fast with all the seeds you have got. I see that you still have a few pods on one.
    David Carter

  2. Hi David,
    You have a "sharp-eye." Indeed, the pod parent is (Heartbeat of Heaven x Jennifer Trimmer), and the pollen parent is Tet. Star Child. I have two pods. I intend to plant the seeds because of the qualities of Tet. Star Child, and because the pod parent is dormant.